Nice People at Work Launches SmartAds
SmartAds is the latest addition to the YOUBORA analytics platform.
Posted Feb 18, 2016
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Nice People at Work (NPAW), a provider of business intelligence and analytics, is introducing SmartAds beta, a new tool within the YOUBORA Analytics platform. SmartAds enables media distributors to increase the quality and effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and control the placement of each ad with real-time metrics and figures on pre, mid-, and post-rolls.

SmartAd combines key performance indicators and metrics to help broadcasters optimize their advertising strategy. It collects large volumes of data to create consumer segments. SmartAds also provides clear insight on ads and KPIs, like join time, buffering or drop-offs, to support strategy in pricing.

Key elements and benefits of the SmartAds include the ability to do the following:

  • Monitor which video advertisements are actually viewed.
  • Evaluate the audience impact of advertising in pre, mid-, and post-rolls.
  • Choose which ad placements perform better while using A/B testing.
  • Increase outreach by placing video ads effectively.
  • Optimize campaigns and increase ROI.
  • Match the experience of ads and content.

"With the advent of programmatic and real-time bidding, the tools to maximize revenue in the market have risen. The problem we found is the significant mismatch between the quality of experience (QoE) in advertising and the QoE in content," said Alberto Gómez, vice president of product management at NPAW, in a statement. "Causing a disruptive experience impacts the audience. With SmartAds we will not only spot the experience mismatch and the audience impact, but we will also provide visibility on the performance of your advertising strategy, regardless if it's live or VoD."

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