NetHunt CRM Launches
NetHunt CRM works inside Gmail and other Google Apps.
Posted Jul 18, 2016
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A new CRM vendor called NetHunt CRM has recently launched offering a complete CRM system for Gmail and Google Apps.

NetHunt CRM is a full-featured CRM and email organization system inside Gmail. With it, users can turn emails into business records that can be managed, organized, sorted, grouped, and segmented as needed.

NetHunt CRM adds records management, follow-ups, to-do lists, email tracking, customizable folders, and advanced email marketing to Gmail. It costs $25 for up to five users.

"Now you can manage leads, sales, project development, and tech support, carry out email campaigns, and more, without leaving Gmail," said Andrei Petrik, CEO and co-founder of NetHunt CRM, in a statement.

"Simply put, NetHunt is a CRM and a productivity tool inside Google Apps. If you’re using Gmail for your business, chances are that a lot of your work time is spent inside the inbox. The biggest chunk of your customer data and interactions is already there. You know how to use Gmail, and you're unlikely to abandon it, even when you employ a CRM. So why not combine a business need for a CRM and better organization with the service that already works for you?," he continued. "We've designed NetHunt CRM as a solution to specific problems that most CRM systems have. The goal is not to reinvent old features or to cater for a particular niche. The goal is to address the common pains and troubles."

NetHunt CRM next plans to integrate NetHunt CRM with most other Google Apps, such as Drive, Calendar, and Sheets, so businesses can take full advantage of the complete Google ecosystem.

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