Jacada Partners with Kobil Systems
The deal merges Jacada's Visual IVR with Kobil's authentication solution.
Posted Oct 17, 2014
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Jacada, a provider of customer service technology, and Kobil Systems have partnered to integrate Kobil's authentication solution, m-Identity Protection, with Jacada's mobile and Web-based Visual IVR.

The user logs in to the Jacada app, and the Kobil server verifies the login data.

The combination of Jacada visual IVR and Kobil's m-Identity Protection abbreviates a call by at least 20 percent, according to both companies.

"At the same time, the solution not only saves time and money on the part of the companies, it also clearly enhances the customer's experience, as all security questions can be omitted," said Dirk Rössig, head of solutions management at Kobil Systems, in a statement. "We jointly position this solution on the market, and we can envision further products where we will work together."

"With our visual IVR and Kobil's security technology, we not only facilitate the establishment of contact between companies and customers but the clear identification of the customer allows for up- and cross-selling because we now can provide the agent all the information on the customer," said Guy Yair, co-CEO at Jacada, in a statement.

The integrated solution is marketed by both companies and will first be offered to companies from the fields of banking, telecommunications, and industry.

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