Intelliverse Launches Hot Transfer Feature for Managed Lead Generation
New solution accelerates sales opportunities by immediately transferring the hottest leads to salespeople.
Posted Oct 2, 2014
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Intelliverse, a provider of accelerated sales solutions, has launched the Hot Transfer feature as part of its Managed Lead Generation Service. The feature empowers businesses to instantly connect with highly interested prospects by identifying triggers that indicate when a lead is hot. As triggers are met, Intelliverse speeds the process by making a live transfer of the lead to the client’s sales team.

Managed Lead Generation allows the Client to focus on closing sales for its own products, while Intelliverse focuses on cold calling and qualifying prospects.

"This feature is dramatically increasing our customers' probability for success," said Sean Gordon, CEO of Intelliverse, in a statement. "By understanding the triggers that constitute a hot lead, we are able to transfer the call to the salesperson while there is a strong level of interest, resulting in up to 33 times higher close ratio than if the lead was contacted at a later time."

Intelliverse also provides IntelliConnection Sales Acceleration software which empowers companies to implement smarter sales strategies for their sales teams. The technology enables sales organizations to optimize sales performance by having the right conversations, with the right prospects, at the right times, and as a result, makes salespeople and businesses three times more effective.

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