IBM Launches Watson Solutions for Marketing
IBM brings its cognitive computing platform to the marketing arena.
Posted Oct 26, 2016
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IBM has unveiled a series of Watson cognitive computing solutions intended for professionals in marketing.

These new solutions are designed to help marketers identify and target the right audiences based on customer behaviors and create the ideal combination of campaign assets to drive conversion and build brand loyalty.

The marketing solutions include the following:

  • IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics, which taps into a variety of behavioral data to understand which customers are the right targets for specific campaigns, allowing users to adapt their customer segmentation through visualizations and natural language interactions.
  • IBM Watson Content Hub, which uses cognitive capabilities to understand and learn about the data in company content management systems. It trains itself to understand what has been stored and then recognize and automatically tag content, including images, videos, and documents, based on millions of previous examples. This allows marketers to select the right content based on the needs of the campaign regardless of the channel.

At the same time, IBM released solutions for commerce, supply chain, and human resources professionals. These new solutions join previously announced solutions Watson Financial Services, Watson Regulatory Compliance Solutions, and Watson Education.

"IBM is bringing Watson cognitive capabilities to millions of professionals around the world, putting a trusted advisor and personal analyst at their fingertips," said Harriet Green, general manager of Watson IoT, cognitive engagement, and education at IBM, in a statement. "Similar to the value that Watson has brought to the world of healthcare, cognitive capabilities will be extended to professionals in new areas, helping them harness the value of the data being generated in their industries and use it in new ways."

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