Demandbase Launches B2B Data Cloud and Job Function Targeting
Demandbase's new data cloud and targeting solutions increase marketing's reach with account-based advertising.
Posted Nov 10, 2015
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Demandbase, a provider of account-based marketing software, today launched Demandbase B2B Data Cloud, a data platform that combines patented account-based identification technology using network IP addresses, behavioral intelligence, and third-party data with customer's first-party information. The B2B Data Cloud connects into hundreds of ad exchanges, marketing technologies, and CRM systems.

"The $35 billion market for B2B solutions has been massively underserved by cookie-based consumer technologies with data models that simply don't extend across advertising, marketing technology, and CRM solutions. Even worse, the traditional measurement approaches that come with these tools are nearly useless in the world of B2B sales," said Chris Golec, CEO of Demandbase, in a statement. "The Demandbase B2B Data Cloud fills this void by providing a common and more open data model that connects hundreds of solutions, from advertising to CMS and marketing automation, all the way to CRM. Now, sales and marketing can get a holistic view of target accounts and measure results by sales activity, not just a click or impression."

Demandbase also announced Job Function Targeting, a feature within the company's Account-Based Advertising and Account-Based Retargeting solutions that leverages B2B behavioral data from its recent acquisition of WhoToo. This enables Demandbase customers to advertise to the right buyers and influencers within their most important target accounts. With Job Function Targeting, Demandbase provides account targeting, millions of business profiles, a proprietary real-time bidder built for B2B, and an account-based performance dashboard.

"Atmel uses Demandbase to target high-value accounts with advertising and personalized experiences on Atmel.com. Layering on the 'new job function targeting' will offer us a greater level of precision so that we can achieve even higher ROI," said Sander Arts, vice president of marketing at Atmel, in a statement. "In addition, the open data model will provide a system of record for account-based information across our entire marketing technology stack. We look forward to taking full advantage of the unique capabilities offered with the Demandbase B2B Data Cloud."

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