Datorama Launches Cross-Channel Marketing Analytics Platform
The Datorama platform lets brands see all of their marketing data in one unified interface.
Posted Jan 22, 2014
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After a year of testing and following a soft launch in 2013, Datorama yesterday officially launching its Cross-Channel Marketing Analytics Platform.

"As we see more and more cross-channel marketing patterns repeating themselves across clients and industries, we're able to help clients break down their marketing silos and better manage cross-channel media synergies, which generate a better marketing ROI," said Ran Sarig, CEO of Datorama, in a statement.

Datorama's Cross-Channel Marketing Analytics Platform allows marketers and agencies to do the following:

  • See all of their unified and normalized marketing data in one interface across all channels, including TV, social media, search engine marketing (SEM), online display and video, programmatic, email, internal sales data, print, etc.;
  • Isolate and visualize the impact of one channel across time;
  • Integrate any data from existing data sources, including TV, print, radio, online display, email, programmatic, social, search, etc., or from new sources, such as internal sales and marketing databases, via Datorama's Dynamic Landing Zone;
  • Analyze real-time cross-channel campaign performance immediately; and
  • Restructure marketing campaigns instantly based on media and channel synergies uncovered.

"With so many different marketing channels and vehicles that didn't exist 15 years ago, it can be difficult to pinpoint which advertising channels are delivering the best results. Datorama's cross-channel marketing analytics platform enables understanding the relative impact of each channel in order to correctly attribute channel performance and optimize marketing spend and ROI across channels," Sarig said.

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