ConvergeHub Integrates Gmail
Users can access the Gmail accounts right from within the CRM platform.
Posted Jul 2, 2015
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ConvergeHub has integrated its CRM system with Google's Gmail. After previous integrations with Google Contacts and Google Calendar, this is the third sequential Google Apps integration to go live.

The Gmail App for ConvergeHub will now allow users to access their Gmail accounts within the CRM system. ConvergeHub automatically imports email every 15 minutes. This automated synchronization process will ensure that users always view the most recent and updated email within the CRM. The synced email will display the sender/recipient details beside the message section. Users can attach the email (as a task or history) to an existing contact in ConvergeHub or create new leads, contacts, accounts, tasks, or partners right inside the email without navigating back or forth in the CRM.

The Gmail integration within ConvergeHub offers the following:

  • Complete management of all the Gmail interactions from a single CRM repository;
  • Complete tracking of incoming and outgoing email within ConvergeHub;
  • Prompt customer responses and follow-ups by replying to email anytime and anywhere from ConvergeHub, with simultaneous update in Gmail account; and
  • Collaboration, communication, and sharing of Gmail information right through ConvergeHub.

"Our users will now get the best of both worlds--CRM and Gmail--immediately, that will help them in making customer communications contextual, quick, and simple. While other entrepreneurs will be hopping between two different platforms to map the data together, our users will never waste any time or effort as all the Gmail data will get updated and incorporated in the CRM and associated with the corresponding leads and opportunities," said Manash Chaudhuri, CEO of Converge Enterprise, in a statement.

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