ClientLoyalty Introduces Analytics-Driven Buyer/Supplier Relationship Management Platform
The new ClientLoyalty app will be in beta testing until the end of March.
Posted Jan 21, 2016
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ClientLoyalty has launched a beta version of its collaborative cloud-based analytics platform for buyer/supplier relationship management.

ClientLoyalty's software proactively analyzes direct feedback, social and news sentiments, and operational data to pinpoint inefficiencies, risks, and relationship benefits, creating a continuous feedback loop between buyers and suppliers. The software aggregates the data and produces a Loyalty Index for users to better understand the strength of each buyer-supplier relationship.

The software incorporates Net Promoter Scores, Six Sigma, predictive analytics, and benchmarking. It includes an Experience Rating based on both parties' direct feedback, a Reputation Rating based on indirect social and news sentiment, and a Performance Rating from direct real-time operational data.

"We spoke to executives, many from Fortune 500 organizations and the analyst community, and were told our technology represents the next big step in buyer and supplier relationship management. They validated our model of centralizing disparate processes and focusing the attention on relationship risk and reward through data-driven analytics. Some called it a breakthrough," said Kent Barnett, founder and CEO of ClientLoyalty, in a statement.

The beta period will run through March 31.

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