Brandwatch Launches New Operators for Advanced Social Searching
Brandwatch now lets users search for hashtags and @mentions.
Posted Apr 28, 2014
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Brandwatch, a social media monitoring and analytics tech company, today released two new operators within its platforms. The new operators: hashtags and at_mentions, allow users to track hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, as well as @mentions on Twitter.

Brandwatch now offers 22 operators and works on a number of platforms. In September, the company launched Brandwatch Vizia, a social media analytics platform that provides multiscreen displays of real-time social media data.

"One of our main reasons for choosing Brandwatch is their powerful Query language, and the new operators add to that toolkit," said Malcolm McGeachy, a developer at Sky TV, in a statement. "The new hashtags operator in particular will allow measurement of hashtags without having to write raw queries covering multiple capitalizations such as #hashtag, #HashTag, #HASHTAG. The @mentions operator will also make life much easier for us when searching for ambiguous Twitter handles. Brandwatch continuously works to improve their platform, and I look forward to seeing what they add next."

"We are very user-focused and love to keep delivering on that front," said Glenn White, head of product at Brandwatch, in a statement. "With the launch of our two new operators, we are directly responding to customer feedback requesting the ability to specifically search hashtags and @mentions. Now the query writing process is even more powerful, allowing Brandwatch users to finely tune in to the most relevant conversations, ensuring everyone can get the exact data they need."

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