Blab Partners with Razorfish to Help Companies Identify Online Trends
Razorfish's WAVE real-time marketing tool integrates Blab into live client campaigns.
Posted Nov 25, 2014
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Blab has partnered with Razorfish to integrate its social media predictive analytics inside Razorfish WAVE, a real-time marketing tool with social listening and real-time response capabilities. Razorfish has immediately deployed Blab into live client campaigns.

To discover the zeitgeist of a topic and its potential impact, seed terms are used to discover both obvious and non-obvious conversations. Blab's proprietary software then patterns and predicts which online conversations will trend up or down, by volume and channel. It also analyzes and associates text of 100 million conversations per day across all languages, as well as images and videos across thousands of real-time data sources (50,000 content platforms).

"This concept of identifying the ideal conversational territories for a brand and predicting what consumers will talk about next has quickly gained loyal traction among digital and brand strategists," said Randy Browning, CEO of Blab, in a statement. "People on the front lines of brand management like Razorfish understand the power of corralling and acting on the moment before anybody else picks up on it. Razorfish WAVE has a major competitive advantage for anyone that deploys it, and we couldn't be more pleased to be part of it."

"We collect and synthesize so much data at warp speeds it has created an obvious need to accurately predict what's next," said Chris Bowler, group vice president of social media at Razorfish, in a statement. "Blab spots the trendsetters around a brand or topic before they accelerate, allowing us to insert content or shape-shift ad spend at precisely the right moment. The new mindset for brands should be that content is all-liquid. As conversations turn into trends, brands can understand what's driving them and make real-time content decisions more strategically."

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