Avrick Direct Offers Lifestyle Change Marketing
Avrick's Lifestyle Change Marketing alerts companies to significant events in their customers' lives and allows them to tailor marketing messages to fill specific needs at that time.
Posted Feb 26, 2014
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Avrick Direct has launched Lifestyle Change Marketing, a service that helps companies identify which of their customers are experiencing significant lifestyle events, such as a new move, a pregnancy, buying a new home, or getting a new credit card, and tailor relevant marketing messages to them at those times.

Lifestyle Change Marketing provides the means for companies to receive information about life changes and events their customers are experiencing. It not only alerts companies that these changes are happening, but it specifies which lifestyle changes are occurring.

Lifestyle Change Marketing allows companies to keep up with their customers with perfectly timed and strategically designed offers, according to specific lifestyle events occurring in real time. Alarm companies will get advance notice when their customers are going to relocate and need a new installation. Insurance companies will know when their customers need more life insurance or a new homeowner's policy. Bankers will know when a customer needs a new mortgage.

Lifestyle Change Marketing is completely secure. Companies provide only customer addresses—no names or other identifying information—to automatically discover which events their customers are experiencing on a weekly basis. The information is timely and current and allows companies to design appropriate and specifically pertinent offers exactly when the offer is needed.

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