Attensity Releases Attensity Q Analytics Solution
Attensity Q lets companies view trending information through real-time data streams.
Posted Jun 16, 2014
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Attensity, a provider of corporate insight solutions based on proprietary data contextualization, today unveiled a new real-time streaming analytics solution called Attensity Q.

Attensity Q provides a self-service topic creator with accessible natural language processing, discovery of unknown business themes, and business metrics for customer-experience driven professionals. It also provides segmentation, customer profiling, and information reporting.

Attensity Q is equipped with sentiment analysis, trend analysis, influencer analysis, geospatial analysis, topic-based analysis, and discovery to bring business insights directly to enterprise teams. Multidimensional  visualizations provide teams with a vision for the entire analytical landscape.

Other features of Attensity Q include the following:

  • Quotable metrics for Volatility, Sentiment, Mentions, Followers, Trend Score;
  • Configurable on-the-fly business theme tagging capability; and
  • The ability to set alerts on topic's volume, sentiment shifts, trends, and significant influencers.

"The next generation analytics solutions are about ease-of-use, real time reporting and flexibility to allow widespread adoption," said Howard Lau, chairman and CEO of Attensity, in a statement. "Attensity Q enables our customers to be proactive, ask open-ended questions and be alerted to changes in real-time rather than after-the-fact searching. They don't have to enter strings of complicated Boolean queries or anticipate language patterns."

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