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Sponsored By: Aptean

No matter how hard you try to deliver exceptional customer service, complaints are bound to happen. Unfortunately, that’s a fact of life. Even if they are rarities, customers complaints can negatively impact your business’ reputation, resulting in possible decrease in revenue. Do you know how much your customers’ complaints are costing you?

Access Aptean’s Complaints Impact Calculator and find out how much of your revenue can be at risk due to customer dissatisfaction. In less than a minute, you can utilize industry-recognized principles and best practices to generate a  customized Complaint Impact Report that will detail your:

  • Lost revenue from defecting customers
  • Revenue at risk, and
  • The true cost of poorly managed complaints.

Sponsored By: Team Support

“In today’s customer focused business environment, Customer Experience Management (CEM) has a huge impact on satisfaction levels, customer retention, and even profit.  This is especially true for business to business software and technology companies, where a simple software glitch can mean costly downtime for your customers.  There are many people in your company who have an impact on the customer experience, but many companies don't take the time to examine those and put their resources where they matter most. For B2B and software businesses the customer service/customer support department is arguably the most important customer-facing team.

Download our white paper to learn best practices in B2B customer support to enhance the customer experience.”

Sponsored By: Artisan Mobile, Inc.

Super-charge your marketing strategy with Artisan’s free eBook. Increase the effectiveness of your mobile app by identifying and improving the right KPIs with proving A/B testing strategies.  As customers are increasingly using mobile apps along the path to purchase, ensure that you deliver a consistent and successful omni-channel user experience.

Access the free eBook now!

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