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 Discover the 7 secrets that will guide you to a successful Voice of the Customer program, and set you on the path to VoC enlightenment.

Sponsored By: Trillium Software, a Harte Hanks Company

The 360-degree view promised by CRM cannot be achieved by a CRM system alone.  CRM systems are only as good as the data that drives them. And they have few native mechanisms to assure the quality of that data. This paper outlines the changes driven by modern CRM and how a focus on data quality - up front - can address those challenges and contribute to the success of your effort to acquire customers. An investment in data quality is an investment in a truly effective CRM system. Skimp on that investment and you are more than likely to be "penny-wise, but performance-and profit foolish."

Fill out the form to get this complimentary white paper titled, Data Quality Challenges at the Border of Your Business - CRM. Learn how the quality of your customer data can positively impact your business results and customer experience.

Sponsored By: Calabrio

As workforce management evolves to meet the challenges and opportunities of a new generation, Calabrio Dynamic Scheduling has evolved too. Now WFM supervisors have the power to engage contact center agents in schedule development with powerful results: increased motivation, better customer service and reduced turnover. Beyond simple shift bidding, Calabrio Dynamic Scheduling takes into account important factors, such as seniority and performance, to create a scheduling process that recognizes and rewards agents for superior performance. It’s a win-win-win: for agents, for contact centers, and – most importantly – for customers.

Sponsored By: PROS

Balancing top- and bottom-line performance is highly important for today's sales organizations. That means your sales team has to hit quota while protecting margins, often with limited resources.

Our new tip sheet shows you how to develop the plan, sales process and discipline your team needs to rise to that challenge.  Get actionable steps for success that you can immediately put to use, including how to:

• Organize and plan your strategy for hitting quota

• Focus on the right customers to unlock massive sales potential

• Stop customers from paying too little for your products

• Keep reps focused on following your sales process

• Make data-driven adjustments to your tactics

Sponsored By: PROS

Changes in the marketplace and your customers' business open the door for competitors to swoop in. It's essential to have a strategy in place for retaining your best customers and fending off the competition.

Create a retention strategy and develop an agile sales process that allows you to quickly adapt to changing markets and customer needs. Our new e-book shows you how to:

  • Know the signs you're losing business to a competitor
  • Differentiate your products in a rapidly changing market
  • Develop your customer retention strategy
  • Increase agility through sales effectiveness technology
  • Win at higher prices while building customer loyalty


Sponsored By: PROS

The economy is starting to grow again, and to take advantage of the opportunity, you need to move fast – focusing on enabling sales, product innovation and understanding your buyer’s journey. Automated Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) technology is the key to increasing sales effectiveness, accelerating deals, and improving customer satisfaction.

In our informative new eBook, you’ll learn how to use CPQ technology to:

  • Generate 33 percent more quotes per rep each month
  • Shorten sales cycles by one-third
  • Eliminate inefficient customer interactions
  • Get new sales personnel up and running quickly
  • Capture a larger market share with multi-channel sales

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