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Sponsored By: Zendesk, Genesys and Confirmit

Smooth customer journeys don’t happen by accident. They require careful and thoughtful consideration driven by data and constantly refined to decrease the amount of effort required by your customers to make their purchases or resolve their issues.

DOWNLOAD this month’s Best Practices installment and learn the key insights into delivering smooth customer experiences.

  • Moving Beyond Random Interactions to Thoughtfully Designed Journeys by Genesys
  • Customer Effort: Work It, So your Agents And Customers Don’t Have To by Zendesk
  • Driving Competitive Advantage: Four Phases of Customer Journey Mapping by Confirmit

Don’t make it difficult for your customers, remove the obstacles in your customer journeys.

Sponsored By: eSignLive, Bigtincan and ClearSlide

Digital transformation is touching all areas of the corporation—including one of the toughest areas to automate, the sales team.

DOWNLOAD this sales enablement Best Practices Guide, and find out how to energize your sales team.

In this supplement to CRM magazine, you will receive:

  • E-Signatures – What Starts Digital, Stays Digital by eSignLive
  • Top 5 Reasons Marketers Need Sales Enablement by Bigtincan
  • Seamless Selling: Bridging the Gap Between Sales, Sales Enablement, And Marketing by ClearSlide

Sales enablement tools create more efficiency, more productive reps, faster cycles, and, of course, higher revenue.

Sponsored By: Conga

Selling is difficult enough without the wasted time creating proposals from inaccurate information, using multiple applications, and doing remedial tasks.

Recapture that lost productivity with Conga’s comprehensive suite of intelligent automation (machine learning + automation) software designed specifically for Salesforce.

DOWNLOAD this White Paper and learn how to:

  • Create an end-to-end solution within the Salesforce ecosystem
  • Shorten sales cycles by up to 50%
  • Enable better pipeline management
  • Improve data governance
  • effortlessly generate documents

All without having to reconfigure your existing sales processes or learn new systems.

DOWNLOAD NOW and learn how intelligent automation can pwer your sales success.

Sponsored By: Verint and eGain

DOWNLOAD this special report  on Knowledge Management  as a crucial enabling technology for customer service and learn from two leading experts how to fast-track KM initiatives and get a preview of the next transformational period in KM’s development—the deployment of artificial intelligence. 

  • Ten Reasons To Fast-Track Your Knowledge Management Program Sponsored by Verint
  • The Transformational Value of Knowledge Management and AI for Contact Centers Sponsored by eGain

Sponsored By: Calabrio, Neustar and Verint

2018 brings a renewed emphasis on deriving increased business value from intelligent contact centers.

Powerful analytics tools, automation technology, and empowered customer service agents are driving change in contact centers focused on improving customer experiences this year.

Download this special report from CRM magazine and find out how contact centers at the forefront of CX are driving innovation in 2018.

  • Transforming the Contact Center into a Customer Intelligence Hub sponsored by Calabrio
  • How Intelligent Customer Data Drives Revenue and Reduces Risk sponsored by Neustar
  • Mastering the IntelligentContact Center sponsored by Verint

Best practices for innovative business leaders.

Sponsored By: Radial and Convergys

Interactive voice response (IVR) systems have been the workhorse of customer self-service for decades without radical improvement. Until now.

In this white paper we offer two distinctly different recipes for IVR success:

  • A New Dawn for Dynamic Customer Care Visual IVR is transforming CX while improving the bottom line by Radial
  • Four Steps to Conversational IVR by Convergys

Both directions deserve careful consideration from anyone researching IVR solutions.

DOWNLOAD NOW and compare the benefits of Visual IVRs and Conversational IVRs for your particular implementation.

Sponsored By: Convergys and Calabrio

Learn how to generate systemic insight-to-action progress that will keep your customer experience efforts on course in an ever fluid and dynamic environment.

DOWNLOAD this FREE installment of CRM Magazine’s Best Practices series and find out how to move beyond just collecting customer feedback data and how to turn that information into consistent actions that steadily improve your CX efforts.

In this installment you will receive:

  • Voice of The Customer Programs: From Listening To Action by Convergys
  • 6 Tips for Presenting Meaningful Customer Interaction Data To Just About Anyone by Calabrio

Move your voice-of-the-customer programs beyond just listening and into the action phase.

Predictions From: Electronic Voice Services, Verint, Conga, Aviso and bpm'online

In 2018 CRM industry experts predict that automation, with a healthy dose of artificial intelligence, will be the dominant trend this year.

DOWNLOAD this special section from CRM magazine and find out what our experts predict will be important in 2018.

  • Phone & Voicemail Automation with a Single Click from Electronic Voice Services
  • Unraveling Automation How the Latest Technology Can Benefit Your Business from Verint®
  • The Present and Future Of Sales With Intelligent Automation from Conga
  • Disrupting Forecast Management and Pipeline Reviews: 6 Data-Driven Best Practices from Aviso
  • 4 CRM Trends To Accelerate Transformation and Foster Innovation In 2018 from bpm’online

Find out how advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, promises to add a whole new dimension to sales, marketing, and customer service, and not just in 2018 but for many years to come.

Sponsored By: Verint

Delivering a better customer experience is a top priority, and organizations, especially their contact centers, are constantly searching for ways to improve it.

DOWNLOAD this White Paper and find out how the latest advances in workforce optimization (WFO) can dramatically impact agent performance and help improve the customer experience.

Inside you will find how to:

  • Drive better Customer Experiences using new technology
  • Quickly evaluate interactions with automated quality
  • Increase engagement with integrated employee scorecards
  • Guide and assist employees with attended automation

Your agents are have the biggest impact on your customer experience. Why not give them the tools and training to help make their work faster, easier and more engaging?

Sponsored By: Sada Systems and Looker

There is a revolution under way in the world of analytics and business intelligence as access to data is “democratized” as analytics becomes easier for users to deploy.

Download this month’s Best Practices primer on BI and Analytics and find out how your company can increase its’ collective corporate IQ by making analytics available to everyone, not just the chosen few.

  • Business Intelligence: Better Use Of Data To Make Smart Business Decisions from SADA Systems
  • BI as a Destination Is Dying from Looker

Build a “data culture,” at your company which will fundamentally transform the way your organization makes decisions. Your competitive edge depends upon it.

Sponsored By: Genesys and NICE inContact

If there is one thing most organizations agree on in November 2017, it is that contact centers must up their game and take the next step to become customer engagement centers.

The conversation has shifted from gaining competitive advantage to not slipping into competitive disadvantage.

Just as most companies have embraced the advantages of an omnichannel approach to customer service (over simply a multichannel one), they are seeing their contact centers (which evolved from call centers) advance to the next stage in the maturity life cycle—the customer engagement center.

  • Your Customer Engagement Center Should Have Launched YesterdaySponsored Genesys

  • The Customer Engagement Center Is the New Loyalty BattlefieldSponsored by NICE inContact

Sponsored By: Conga and Looker

This Best Practices installment focuses on both sales and a marketing solutions that offer immediate ROI based on increased automation and efficiencies and better decision making.

DOWNLOAD this special supplement and find out how these tools can help you speed revenue and improve your company’s sales and marketing productivity and accuracy.

You will receive:

  • Leveraging Automation Technology to Achieve Higher ROI - Sponsored by Conga

  • Get Deeper Insights into Your Campaigns with marketing Analytics - Sponsored by Looker

Both of these solutions offer quick payback and directly impact the bottom line.

Roundtable Date: December 13, 2017, at 2:00 p.m.

Sponsored By: Radial and Zendesk

It’s a fact that customers will go with self-service as their first order of preference when they have basic questions. That preference alone should propel organizations to provide the best self-service options they can to satisfy their customers. Self-service also costs far less than agent-assisted self-service.

Learn how your organization can provide better service and cut costs.

Download these top tips for providing excellent self-service:

  • Top Customer Care Trends to Win In the Age Of The Consumer Sponsored by Radial
  • 6 Tips for Building A Thriving Help Center Sponsored by Zendesk

Serving customers better and reducing costs is a win-win for everyone!

Sponsored By: Verint and Genesys

Many companies still only pay lip service when it comes to listening to their customers and taking action on what they’re actually communicating.

But voice of the customer (VoC) programs have moved steadily toward the mainstream, as the evidence has mounted that VoC initiatives are critical for producing consistent, sustainable improvements in customer experience.

Download this instalment and learn:

  • Driving Measurable Results from A Voice Of The Customer Program - Verint®
  • Smart Customer Surveys Drive Smart Business Decisions - Genesys

Learn Best Practices for setting VoC goals, capturing and analyzing data, and delivering actionable results that improve business value.

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