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Jeff is a proven B2B marketing executive with a strong track record of delivering growth through multiple environments, including electronic, social, and traditional marketing programs. His Horizontally Integrated Marketing process makes use of Marketing Automation, Analytics, and elements of content, product, and traditional marketing to collect and analyze all the data that is generated along the Customer Journey from acquisition to sale. This is used to determine exactly which activities are contributing to the generation of real customers and which activities should be modified or retired.

For the past five years, Jeff has consulted to several companies, helping them to grow both their user and channel partner base, driving record increases in top-line revenue.

Previously, Jeff was the Director of Marketing for Sangoma Technologies where he led the selection and implementation of a Marketing Automation Platform and used a variety of programs to create over 100,000 net new prospects and 140% growth in Marketing Qualified Leads. Prior to Sangoma, Jeff was enterprise marketing manager with Dialogic. In that role, he was responsible for creating and managing the market strategy for Dialogic's Open Source, Fax, Fax-Over-IP, and IVVR Markets. Prior to Dialogic, Jeff held executive product management and business development positions with a number of technology firms and was a founder of, which was eventually acquired by Rare Medium (Nasdaq:RRRR).

Jeff holds a degree in Industrial Engineering and started in the technology sector nearly 30 years ago as an IVR developer, and has an extensive background in technology, product management, and marketing. 



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