Call for Speakers

Customer Engagement Renaissance: Meeting at the Crossroads of Transformation, Expectation and Experience

Do you have a great presentation topic that you’d like to share? If so, we want to hear about it! The editors of CRM magazine and conference chair Brent Leary are inviting CRM analysts, consultants, and client companies to present their innovative ideas and success stories at the CRM Evolution Conference, April 29 - May 1, 2019, at the Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel. Presenters will have the opportunity to speak to corporate executives and managers responsible for sales, marketing, and customer support.

Important Note to Vendors:
Please do not propose CRM vendor representatives as speakers or submit topics about vendor products for general sessions—these proposals will not be accepted. However, impressive case study examples from well-known customer companies are highly desirable, so CRM vendors are encouraged to pitch their customers as speakers. The CRM customer representative must deliver the entire 45-minute presentation; vendor representatives are not permitted to share a presentation with a customer. We will also consider proposals for vendor-only panels. (Please see the Panels section below for more information.)

Target Audience 

  • Corporate Executive Management (CEO, CFO, COO, VP, GM, etc.)
  • Sales Management (VP, Director, Manager)
  • Marketing Management (CMO, VP, Director, Manager)
  • Service Management—Call Center, Service Center, Support, Customer Experience
  • MIS/IS/IT/Telecom Management
  • Consultant/integrator for client companies

Topics of Interest

We are looking for innovative strategies, ideas, and technologies that help attendees streamline business processes; improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy; and increase profitability. Specifically, we are looking for high-quality content delivered by dynamic presenters in the following areas: 

  • Contemporary customer-facing business models
  • Corporate culture change management
  • Innovative sales and marketing strategies
  • Omnichannel customer support strategies
  • Improving customer engagement/interaction efforts
  • Mobile CRM
  • Strategies to build customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy
  • Increasing customer profitability
  • Relevant/important CRM metrics
  • Successful CRM techniques and methodologies
  • Common CRM pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Integrating CRM across the organization for maximum impact
  • Technology trends (e.g., AI/machine learning, customer-facing blockchain, conversational interfaces, etc)

Presentation Formats

Choose the format that best fits the material you submit.

Case Studies
Do you know a company that has experienced impressive soft or hard ROI numbers due to a CRM deployment? If you can get the project manager to speak about this implementation, we want to hear about it! We welcome presentations describing detailed experiences with a particular technology project or application. Firsthand experience from those implementing CRM technology in their businesses is preferred.

Expert Perspectives
Presentations from analysts or consultants who have extensive experience with CRM technology methods, skills, philosophy, design, implementation, or other relevant topics are welcome. We are seeking thought leadership presentations from objective practitioners.

We will consider panel proposals that include any mix of analysts, consultants, and CRM project leaders as panelists. Please submit a session topic and at least three participants who have agreed to participate (as well as their contact information).

We will also consider vendor-only panels. This is a great opportunity for vendor representatives to participate in a general session. However, vendors must be willing to share the stage with other vendors. These panel proposals must include high-level representatives (and their contact info) from three to four different vendors. If you are submitting a vendor-only panel presentation, please propose a topic and be sure each panelist has agreed to participate before submitting your proposal.

10 Tips to Getting Your Proposal Accepted

  1. Outline succinctly what someone will learn from your presentation. List 3 key points the presentation will cover.
  2. Provide as many details as possible. Attendees seek specific information.
  3. Be practical. We are seeking practical advice from working experts.
  4. Base your proposal on any of the above suggested topics.
  5. Offer a case study based on real-world experience, if you are a consultant, suggest a customer as a co-presenter.
  6. Describe a specific solution to a common problem.
  7. Put in plain words the practical, business-world implications of your research.
  8. Explain how to do something or how to implement a service or a technology.
  9. Write your proposal title and abstract in a way that will make a conference attendee want to register for the conference to hear your presentation! Please keep abstracts to 150 words or less.
  10. Make sure to include your key take-a-way in the space provided.

Click Here to Submit Your Proposal

Deadline extended to Saturday, October 27, 2018.

We look forward to your proposals, and hope to see you in Washington, DC!

Brent Leary
Partner, CRM Essentials
CRM Evolution Conference Co-Chairman

Bob Fernekees 
Publisher, CRM magazine
CRM Evolution Conference Program Director

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