The Gilbane Digital Content Conference is focused on content and the digital experience technologies and strategies for marketing, publishing, and the workplace. Registrants to Marketing Technology Boot Camp have the added benefit of access to all Gilbane Digital Content Conference sessions.

At the Gilbane Digital Content Conference sessions, you can learn how marketers and IT, business, and content managers across industries integrate content strategies and computing technologies to produce superior customer experiences for all stakeholders, including:

  • How to architect and build digital experiences around your customer's journey
  • Successful examples of Multichannel Content Architectures for B2B and B2C
  • The importance of integrating content and ecommerce systems, strategy, and measurement
  • What you can do today with AI technologies to engage more deeply with customers, and extend your reach
  • How to choose martech suites, conversational apps, and content marketing software
  • Content strategies for global brands, publishers and multilingual collaboration applications
  • What you need to know about the latest web and mobile development technologies
  • How to increase the lifetime value of your content assets

Whether you are just getting started with managing multichannel content, need to improve the consistency of the web and mobile discovery experience, or are ready to integrate with an ecommerce, collaboration, business intelligence, or other marketing enterprise systems, join us to learn what your B2B and B2C peers are doing and what industry analysts, technologists, and service providers are recommending.

The co-location of the Gilbane Digital Content Conference with Marketing Technology Boot Camp 2017 provides a unique opportunity for marketers, technologists, and management at all typces of organizations. Learn how your organization can capitalize on the dramatic and game-changing innovations in content and marketing technology. Register yourself or bring your whole team!

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