August 8 - 10, 2011
Hilton New York
CRM Evolution 2011 - August 8-10, 2011 - Hilton New York
CRM Evolution 2011 Presentations
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Monday, August 8, 2011

WELCOME AND OPENING KEYNOTE: Responding to the Voice of the Constituent/Customer
Social CRM
A101: Disruption and the Lean, Mean, CRM Machine
Krigsman, Fauscette, Taschek & Lieberman - A101_Krigsman.pptx
A102: Toward the Collaborative Enterprise
A103: Merging CRM With SCRM
A104(a): Customer-Focused Sales and Service
Tamara Gruzbarg - Gilt SAS_0719.pptx
A104(b): Integrated CRM
A105: Addressing Key Challenges in Social CRM Adoption
A106: How Social Media Changed Customer Communication
B101: Is CRM 2.0 Delivering Revenues?
B102: Sales Effectiveness 2011: How to Make Sense of the Technology
B103: Defining the Role of Content in the CXM Ecosystem
B104(a): Go Mobile With SalesNOW From AT&T
B104(b): Driving Bottom-Line Results Through Customer Centricity
B105: Market, Sell, and Service Through Mobile
Fabio Mittelstaedt - B105_Mittelstaedt.pdf
B106: The New Face of Commerce, Customer Experience Redefined
Deployment Strategies
C101: Executive Boot Camp, Part 1— CRM Definition
Barton J Goldenberg - C101_Goldenberg.ppt
C102: Executive Boot Camp, Part 2— CRM Strategy and Value Proposition
Barton J Goldenberg - C102_Goldenberg.ppt
C103: Executive Boot Camp, Part 3— Making CRM Happen
Barton J Goldenberg - C103_Goldenberg.ppt
C104(a): CRM at CareerBuilder
Mark Williams - C104(a)_Williams.pptx
C104(b): Selling Success in the Age of Customer Intimacy
Ken Wincko - C104(b)_Wincko.pptx
C105: Select the Right CRM for Your Business
Art Hall - C105_Hall.pptx
C106: CRM Helps NYC Schools Reform
John-Michael C. Knowles - CRM Evolution Presentation_V10_DP.pptx

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sunrise Sessions
SS1: Now Batting for Major League Baseball: CRM
SS2: A New Paradigm for Direct Response Success
SS3: Online Behavioral Advertising: New Regulation
KEYNOTE PANEL: Innovative Social Strategies
Social CRM
A201: Social Communities: A Force Multiplier for the Contact Center
Ian Jacobs - A201_Jacobs.pptx
A202: Social Marketing
A203: Video and the CRM Star
A204(a): Differentiating Your Customer Experience
A204(b): If CRM Is the Answer, What Was the Question?
A205: Engage the Social Customer
Becky Carroll - A205_Carroll.ppt
B204(a): Technologies That Improve Enterprise Searches
B201: Operationalize Voice of the Customer Across Your Enterprise
Leslie Ament - B201_Ament .pdf
B202: Improved ROI Through Analytically- Based Segmentation
B203: Selecting the Right Data
Grossman & Stevens - B203_Grossman.pptx
Stevens & Grossman - B203_Stevens.pdf
B205: Leverage New Opportunities to Close Deals
Nate Hedtke - B205_Hedtke.pptx
Deployment Strategies
C201: Knowledge Management for Customer Service Done Right
Kate Leggett - C201_Leggett.pptx
C202: Is Real-Time Analytics Feasible?
Aphrodite Brinsmead - C202_Brinsmead.ppt
C203: Face Value—The Customer Game
C204(a): Unleashing the Power of Productivity
Craig Dewar - C204(a)_Dewar.pptx
C204(b): Empower Your Customer-Facing Professionals with CXO
C205: Improve Customer Service Experiences

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sunrise Sessions
SS4: Generation Y at Work
SS5: Better Lead Nurturing Techniques
Henry Bruce - SS5_Bruce.pdf
SS6: The Four New P’s of Marketing in Pharma
Social CRM
A301: The Intelligent Contact Center
A302: The Future of Customer Relationships
Brian Vellmure - A302_Vellmure.pptx
B301: Using CRM for Integrated Marketing Strategies
John Johnston - B301_Johnston.ppt
B302: The Convergence of CRM and Marketing Automation for SMBs
Deployment Strategies
C301: Integrated Data and Processes
C302: Customer Experience 2.0
Lior Arussy - CE 2 0-New.pptx
CLOSING PANEL: Delivering on SCRM’s Promise
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