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March 29, 2017

CRM Across the Wire
ContentSquare Launches UX Performance Center
UX Performance Center uses artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to provide recommendations in real time for optimizing customer journeys.
TrueShip Rebrands to ReadyCloud
TrueShip has officially rebranded to ReadyCloud as it repositions itself to deliver a CRM system for online retailers.
Absolutdata Rolls Out the NAVIK AI Platform for Sales and Marketing
Absolutdata offers three AI-enhanced products under the NAVIK brand: MarketingAI, ConceptAI, and SalesAI.
AppsFlyer Launches Pivot Marketing Analysis Tool
Pivot performs deep campaign analysis for mobile marketing performance.
NeoReach Launches Influencer Media Value (IMV)
Influencer Marketing Value helps brands measure the earned media value of influencer marketing programs.
CRM Featured Articles
Five Customer Service Bots for Facebook Messenger That Actually Work
Here are five companies delivering solid service through the emerging channel. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Required Reading: Closing The Customer Loyalty Loop
Businesses must think about retaining customers long before they acquire them
Enterprises Increasingly Adopt IoT Elements
Organizations are set to increase IoT spending to optimize operations, but the technology isn't without risks
A Look at Tomorrow's CSR, Today
Controllers are more suited to today's call center needs, but empathizers get more of the jobs. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Why Large Organizations Can Struggle With Customer Experience
Bigger isn't always better: Data and personnel at big companies can often be working at cross-purposes. The solution: finding smart ways to make data actionable and people accountable.

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