CRM Magazine: October 2007
Magazine Features
After years of false starts, wrong turns, and disruptive detours, SMBs can now steer themselves in the right direction: Marketing can finally get them where they want to go.
Web self-service means having your customer become her own customer service rep -- but without making her resent doing what a real CSR can do in a fraction of the time.
Your CRM is only as good as your ability to deliver to your customers. So why not merge supply chain management data with CRM to gain a holistic view? It's not that simple.
You track your sales team's numbers -- and so does each member of the team. Here's what you need to know about the business of sales compensation, and how you can make it work for all of you.
Front Office
Generating insight into sales and marketing performance is critical for making smarter business decisions.
Reality Check
We often find that CRM systems give sales managers numbers when what they really want is insight. Is CRM finally ready to demystify sales management?
Customer Centricity
Is a new industry standard keeping executives from focusing on the relationships that matter?
The Tipping Point
Existing CRM technology assets can drive incremental growth by improving sales pipeline management.
Pint of View
We can learn a lot from our pastimes...or not.
Mobile coupons are revolutionizing how advertisers market and customers buy.
Carriers announce the latest attempt to provide broadband Internet access to airline passengers.
The latest Siebel CRM On Demand highlights the software giant's interest in the on-demand market and underscores the strength of the Siebel name.
In a multibillion-dollar industry, teams aren't playing around when it comes to connecting with fans.
Only 4 percent of CRM systems are very successful; the software-as-a-service market almost doubles across most of the Asia-Pacific region; and other numerical news from the month online.
With more purchasing power than ever, consumers are increasingly leery of businesses they don't believe they can trust.
Does your company rely on smartphones?
A medical marketing company fills its sales transparency prescription with Entellium.
Few vendors were prepared to meet the company's requirements for customizable products.
A technology-infrastructure specialist saves about $60,000 in one year by implementing a Web-based service management application from BlueFolder.
Secret of My Success
The sports advertising agency turns to SageCRM to coordinate its sales efforts with customers and advertisers.
Business Problem: Managers cannot staff and manage their contact centers effectively.

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