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Need a better understanding of CRM? Want to know what CRM has done for companies like yours? Here's a list of upcoming shows, conferences and other events that focus on the CRM market.

Aug 18
Aug 20
CRM Evolution
New York Marriott Marquis
Visit: Web site

There’s a direct correlation between advancements in communication technologies and customer expectations—naturally, as one increases, so does the other. That’s why organizations must master each communication channel (social, mobile, phone, Web, email, etc.), providing as much information as customers want and as quickly as they need it. But that’s not all. As customers traverse channels, their customer, product, or company information must accompany them. Additionally, companies will have to leverage analytics from each of these channels to consistently create positive customer experiences across all interaction channels. It might sound like a daunting task, but it’s not—especially with guidance from the right professionals. 
Fortunately, you can find the biggest collection of the brightest and most influential people in the CRM industry at the CRM Evolution conference. Conference Chair Paul Greenberg and the editors of CRM magazine are working together again to bring you some of the best CRM analysts and consultants, project leaders, and vendors in the industry.
CRM Evolution will be co-located with the Customer Service Experience and SpeechTEK conferences.  

Aug 18
Aug 20
Customer Service Experience
New York Marriott Marquis
Visit: Web site

Savvy customer care professionals understand that providing exceptional customer service goes beyond the telephone. Today, organizations must provide exceptional customer service on traditional and new communication channels—which includes social media and mobile devices. It’s clear that the much-anticipated multichannel customer service environment is here.
However, technology alone is not enough to improve the customer service experience—rather, it is just one component of an overall strategy that also encompasses process optimization and process re-engineering. The best customer service experience strategies are aligned with customer needs and require enterprises to develop and maintain a clear line of sight to their customers across various touch points.
To shed more light on the many moving parts needed for a successful customer service and support strategy, we’ve created the Customer Service Experience conference. The event will provide attendees with the following:
-The latest trends in the customer service market and the broader customer experience industry
-Exposure to a greater breadth and depth of customer service and support topics, professionals, and solutions
-Enterprise best practices in building and managing complex multichannel operations
-Perspective into enterprise rollouts and success criteria for new interaction channels, such as mobile and social customer service
-Ways to leverage data to evolve a multichannel operation into a cross-channel strategy
Customer Service Experience will be co-located with SpeechTEK and CRM Evolution.

Aug 18
Aug 20
New York Marriott Marquis
Visit: Web site

There’s no doubt that speech technology is becoming more pervasive. Whether it’s for IVRs, call center analytics, voice biometrics, intelligent personal assistants (inspired by Apple’s Siri software), or multimodal applications, organizations are relying on speech technology more than ever before.
Learn how to leverage these solutions and more for your enterprise at SpeechTEK, the largest U.S. conference and expo focusing on the most advanced uses of speech technology. It is the best event to network with speech technology practitioners and learn from the brightest minds in the industry.
SpeechTEK will be co-located with the CRM Evolution and Customer Service Experience conferences. 

Sep 15
Sep 19
Predictive Analytics & Data Mining
Denver, CO
Visit: Web site
Phone: (888) 742-2454 USA/CAN +1 (281) 667-4200 Option 3

Time to Get it Right.  We Can Show You How.
Successful analytics in the big data era does not start with data and software.  It starts with immersive hands-on training and goal-driven strategy.  The Modeling Agency’s analytic courseware spans all skill levels and analytic team roles.  Leadership and practitioners will collaborate more effectively to arrive at actionable results with measurable impact.
Attend an upcoming event to obtain these key skills immediately:

  • Plan and prepare your predictive modeling projects effectively from the start
  • Identify, qualify and prioritize viable and actionable analytic opportunities
  • Establish a standardized model development process to implement across your team
  • Acquire the rare blend of tactical and strategic skills to really stand out in the analytics field
  • Take an incremental low-risk / high-impact approach to model development with vendor-neutral tool exposure

Now is the time to advance your analytic maturity and transform your glut of customer data into actionable information assets.  Learn more about The Modeling Agency’s courseware and register for an upcoming event.
View The Modeling Agency’s training schedule with links to the full course details for each production.  Also reference the course series overview to understand the focus and orientation of each independent course, and how they may be taken as a progression.  Class seating is limited.  Reserve your space today:
[ >> http://the-modeling-agency.com/training-schedule << ]

Not yet ready for public training, or you'd like a preview before registering?  Sign up for the next production of TMA's "Data Mining: Failure to Launch” – a free webinar presented by TMA's president and two senior consultants on how to get predictive modeling off the ground and into orbit.  Reference webinar details and sign up at:
[ >> http://www.the-modeling-agency.com/data-mining-webinar << ]

Sep 21
Sep 24
Customer Experience Management Middle East Summit
Amwaj Rotana, Dubai
Visit: Web site

Customer experience is a critical factor in today’s competitive and connected global marketplace as customers have more presence, power and choice than ever before fueling the need to invest more in customer experience management. Recent Forrester research has shown that 89% of consumers will switch providers as a result of a poor experience. Customers expect a good experience, regardless of the company or industry. In fact companies nowadays consider Customer Experience Management (CEM) a key differentiator and they are thriving to enhance every element of the experience and ensure that the customer remains at the center of all business decisions.

Based on our intensive cross industry research, IQPC is proud to host the Customer Experience Management Middle East Summit taking place from 21-24 September 2014 in Amwaj Rotana, Dubai.

This event will bring together experts from key industries to share experiences and discuss critical challenges and innovative groundbreaking strategies and tools that help to achieve seamless and personalized customer experience across the entire customer journey.
For more information please visit the website http://bit.ly/1iUXmrT

Sep 22
Sep 23
Data Analytics for Action & Impact
Washington, DC
Visit: Web site
Phone: (888) 742-2454 USA/CAN +1 (281) 667-4200 Option 3

Data Analytics for Action & Impact

The ability to make effective and timely decisions driven by valuable information hidden within a rapidly increasing mass of data is critical to the success of modern organizations and leaders. The advancement of analytic and reporting options, along with the proliferation of big data delivery platforms and analytic software suites create an environment where functional managers must rely heavily upon their analysts and IT staff for critical insight.

The intent of this course is to bridge the critical translation gap between team members that cause the vast majority of analytic projects to fall short of their potential. Managers who attend this class will establish a stronger appreciation of core analytic methods to better interpret and evaluate what the analyst gives them. Statisticians, IT professionals and analysts will learn how to approach data analysis in a strategic and purposeful way that translates well for leadership and insists on making analytics actionable and accountable.

Attend an upcoming event to obtain these key skills immediately:

  • Focus on core analytic issues, strategies, methods and techniques most appropriate for organizational decision making
  • Understand in plain English what the algorithms do, and how true descriptive analytics relate to decision support
  • Classify the four major types of analysis projects and match the best suited analytic methods
  • Unify project teams – from statisticians to leadership – in order to establish a common strategy, framework and process for greater coordination, efficiency, clarity and impact: 
    • For analysts to obtain clear direction on analytic goals and delivery requirements 
    • For leadership to better understand and trust what the analyst delivers
  • Implement a six-phase methodology for evaluating and validating business insights
  • Establish a solid foundation for more advanced analytic practices such as predictive modeling and data mining

This two-day intensive course will prepare functional managers and business practitioners to finally make sense of data analytics and take control of the analytic process. “Data Analytics for Action & Impact” develops core skills for business analytics and lays the foundation for data-intensive analytic projects that deliver insight, clarity, confidence and actionable decision support.

destionationCRM subscribers may enjoy substantial savings from the standard registration fees. Class seating is limited. Don't miss your chance to attend. Review the details, then reserve your space today:
[ >> http://www.the-modeling-agency.com/data-analytics-training-course << ]

Oct 08
Oct 10
European Show Trio for Business IT: CRM-expo (Leading Trade Fair for Customer Relationship Management), DMS EXPO (Leading Trade Fair for Enterprise Content Management), & IT & Business (Trade Fair for Business Solutions)
Messe Stuttgart Trade Fair Center, Stuttgart, Germany
Visit: Web site
E-mail: nicole.essawy@messe-stuttgart.us

DMS Expo has been organized successfully since 1995 and as we strive to show all aspects of corporate IT, we keep on adding value by co-locating other shows like recently the CRM-expo.

All 3 shows are providing a highly concentrated platform for 464 exhibitors and over 10,200 attendees for the European Market. It is not simply an opportunity to find new potential customers; it is also a good networking event and a very effective way of cementing relationships.

Nearly 60 % of all visitors were new to the Show Trio and 73 % would recommend it to other industry peers.

Our first-class accompanying program on key topics such as ERP, CRM, ECM and Output Management is aimed at addressing real business needs rather than high flown hypothetical situations.

The next event is also scheduled parallel to one of the largest traditional beer fests the "Cannstatter Volksfest". So mark your calendar and plan for some extra days to enjoy this cultural experience!

Please see more information by clicking on the below hyperlinks:

Exhibitor Brochure 2014  |  Exhibitor Directory 2013  |  Attendee breakdown & survey results 2013  |  Final Press Release 2013

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