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NNDS hopes to improve support for more than 200 customers across the nation and provide greater access to self-service knowledgebase.
The Spring 2012 version of Student Recruitment Manager features more social and mobile capabilities.
Vocantas IVR helps Avila University reach out to students in danger of transferring or dropping out.
The newest version of TargetX's SRM introduces social engagement to itd customer relationship management system for college recruiting.
The new solution promises better outreach to potential students.
Schools shift focus to generate more inquiries in-house and boost technology investments
The solution will help support an upcoming capital campaign and will connect numerous departments across the university to achieve holistic view of constituents.
Identifying a few dropped signals enables Telvista to filter out more of the noise in its agent-training processes.
The lessons universities are learning about emerging technologies
Rosetta Stone will be the first company to use Parature's new Facebook application
The competitive advantage of getting to a lead first.
Becker Professional Education studies RightNow Technologies' sales and marketing tools.
CRM Evolution '10 — Day 2: Ovum research analyst Ian Jacobs envisions the future of location-based customer interactions.
Dreamforce: In a moving speech to a global audience, Colin Powell reinvigorates the need for the purpose-driven individual.
SPSS Directions '09: A panel discussion with IBM and SPSS executives highlighted continued integration and optimism for the market moving forward.
RightNow Summit '09: In his opening keynote address, founder and CEO Greg Gianforte outlined the company's plan to rid world of bad experiences.
eMetrics '09: The Web has the potential to change the way companies and consumers interact, but how to make that happen is still up in the air.
DMA '09: Members of past generations didn't age — they simply died. Baby Boomers, on the other hand, are defying that fate -- and if they're demanding more from life, why aren't marketers giving them what they want?
When live agents can't be had, interactive voice response systems may suffice.
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