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The need to reduce travel spurs front-office solutions
A new study shows customers are uncomfortable and inconvenienced.
The solution turns real-time social media feedback into actionable opportunities.
Fourteen percent of the world's population belongs to at least one coalition loyalty program.
Properties create apps to reach prospective guests and the ones they have
Deployment of all-in-one IP communications software suite improves customer service by adding multichannel functionality and remote agent support.
A travel service for military personnel uses SMS and live chat to ensure its customers can communicate
After years of unfulfilled promise, CRM and mobile technology are finally making a move.
A study by Performics and ROI Research indicates that customers are talking all across the social Web — about brands in verticals ranging from automotive to travel.
Virtual agents are the newest channel for customer service.
Social Ad Summit '10: Is your marketing team really prepared to launch a social media campaign?
Universal profile management directs all relevant communications through the channels that customers prefer.
Web 2.0 Expo '10 — Day 2: A keynote presenter reveals how data can help modern companies overcome their "used-car salesman" personas.
Web 2.0 Expo '10 — Day 1: "The world we need is one we've never yet seen," declared Tim O'Reilly at his bi-annual technology event.
Location-Based Marketing Summit '10 — Day One: The opening keynote identifies the real value in location-based services, and urges marketers to rethink their reliance on Foursquare badges.
Hotels are finding a home away from home in social media, and boosting the customer experience in the process.
Your challenge, in a lot of ways, is to infuse what you do with humanity.
An eruption of volcanic ash leads to an eruption of service mistakes.
CRM Evolution '10: Your one-stop shop for all the links, coverage, and blogposts of this year's conference by the staff of CRM magazine and from around the Web.
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