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Impact 360 helps to forecast warmer service for a southeastern telecom's "snowballing" contact center.
What you need to know about quality management and liability recording solutions.
Red Pocket Mobile snags a particular prepaid phone market, with help from VoIP Logic
We recently overhauled our own IVR. What we learned can provide useful lessons as you adopt Web 2.0, CRM 2.0, and social networking strategies.
Big Blue's Tivoli Netcool offers cross-network quality assurance, monitoring, and predictive capacities; pricing may be more important than service, analyst cautions
11 strategies to ensure that you're hearing your customers loud and clear.
National networks are distributing TV online to increase consumer touch points, but what does that mean for network affiliates?
Technology investments designed to empower agents may actually complicate access to required data.
Three CRM vendors have released applications for mobile devices in recent days. What's the payoff for the sales representative?
Inbound and outbound features unite in an alternative to the dialer; one analyst sees hints of ambition beyond the current offering.
Keeping your customers from breaking up with you.
"Triple-play" subscriptions will shoot up 52 percent in 2007, but in the short term it will not boost the industry's profit margins.
Wes Hayden becomes president of Nuance Communications' new Enterprise Division, part of Nuance's shift from point technologies to integrated enterprise solutions.
Does your company rely on smartphones?
Three free trials lead to another dulcet-toned Salesforce.com deployment.
Three keys to implementing Internet Protocol call recording into the contact center.
By sending exhaustively detailed iPhone bills, service provider AT&T could be trying to head off expensive customer-care calls.
Contact center consolidation, voice portals, hosted contact centers, and unified communications are driving much of the movement.
And why your contact center needs it.
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