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Thankfully, CRM implementations are not as risky as they used to be.
Information-based marketing programs deliver real value without companies having to spend millions.
Deloitte predicts some key technology trends for 2007; social networking, green technology, and the reinvention of the user interface are among them.
Defining what a qualified lead means to a company is the first of many steps on the road to closing the marketing and sales loop, according to a new report.
The supply and demand talent dynamic for technology-based industries is one of the main factors behind expected growth in wages in 2007, a talent and outsourcing services provider says.
More resources will allow expanded services, making Core Solutions more attractive to some prospects at the larger end of its target market.
Different regions favor different kinds of applications; offline entertainment vies with online utility among mobile users.
Skill level is dwindling and now this labor lake must be stocked through a better human capital investment, according to a new study from PricewaterhouseCoopers.
The company reveals a new customization and development platform; it now goes "toe-to-toe" with Salesforce.com, according to one industry pundit.
Larry Ellison talks about Oracle's history with grid computing and Linux, and drops a bombshell for server operators everywhere.
AMD and Dell, pushing their integrations with Oracle, dominate the keynote sessions; the emphasis is on hardware making software work.
A private equity firm has entered into a merger agreement; the deal is the latest in a trend toward building a service life cycle management suite, according to one analyst.
A new survey of 5,000 Web developers finds that interest in new Web languages and technologies is growing, meaning higher levels of site performance for users.
Every person and company mentioned in this issue should be proud to have helped the industry experience its second consecutive year of growth since its post-Y2K malaise.
How visual mapping adds value to CRM.
Innovation and smart partnering--perhaps the keys that unlock doors to the CRM big league. These five companies excel at novel product concepts and some have made keen M&A moves this year. Both types of effort portend serious shots at the show.
It plays a key role in reducing costs and improving productivity for today's CRM initiatives.
The decision to implement one or the other CRM-solution model is a complicated one--here, a rundown of significant financial aspects to consider.
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