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A new survey indicates that despite the steady growth of CRM, customer service is still a weak point that drives consumers to competitors; retail leads the poor-service pack.
Retailers won't have to worry about high gas prices keeping potential customers away, but should focus on letting customer data and demand inform their autumn sales.
But many are only in the early stages of implementing BI systems; periodic data review still overshadows ad-hoc reporting.
Web-only merchants outperform multichannel marketers in online customer satisfaction, according to a new study from ForeSee and FGI.
The affluent are not the only ones craving premium experiences.
Big-box stores are putting the multichannel remote control in consumers' hands.
High gasoline prices and brick-and-mortar shopping hassles continue to push consumers to the online channel.
Now that the vertical has finished reacting to the Internet, companies are making long-term investments in online consumers.
Customer input is becoming part of the development cycle, according to industry bigs at the Retail Systems 2006 conference.
Customers put top value on employee interaction, not the lowest price--they want access, experience, price, product, and service.
Contactless payments combined with private label credit cards help speed transactions and consumer access to loyalty program information; 2007 could be the big year for no-touch checkout.
Gartner finds that saving money is still the number one driver of outsourcing, but warns not to let financial savings be the sole motivator.
WebTrends adds a marketing data warehouse to its all-new analytics package, responding to marketing execs' expectations of future growth and the need for individualized data.
Retailers are in transition as they balance customer experience in the store and on the Web.
U. K. consumers are still mostly swayed by price, despite businesses' attempts to win customers' loyalty in other ways.
Retailers have advanced in their use of CRM technologies, but continue to struggle to get CRM information to the proper corporate users.
The online-auction powerhouse is launching a site that deviates from bidding and allows for instant purchasing.
Spending on things to do, such as travel and dining, is a trend for this segment and a driver of real growth.
Consumers rate 2005's best-in-class restaurants, retailers, convenience stores, and supermarkets.
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Companies: Retail
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