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Economic concerns haven't had much effect on results, but it's going to take something "monumental" to push e-commerce to the next level.
An easy-to-use business intelligence project sparks innovative reporting without additional personnel.
In the face of new challenges, design and creativity are seen as key factors
When marketers try to reach a particular demographic, the successes -- and failures -- reflect on all of us.
Other industries could stand to learn a few things as e-commerce continues to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction.
Silicon Image's HDMI unit used Oracle iStore to handle a growing licensing business.
The retailing giant saddles up its customer relationships and asks an advertising agency to take the reins.
The $157 million deal unites a key online retailer and a marketing specialist, putting e-commerce and email marketing under one roof.
A new survey reveals more resources -- time, money, and employees -- being dedicated to managing prices in B2B industries.
National Retail Federation Convention '08: According to the 97th annual NRF confab, what really matters in today's economy goes far beyond price.
A new ABI Research survey shows interest in using cell phones to make payments, but concerns about security and costs.
Online retail satisfaction goes down, but economy and price aren't the only ones to blame.
RealPeopleRatings.com's survey reveals which businesses provide the best customer service, and where they stand with consumers.
Contrary to popular belief, consumers would rather make love, not war.
Now that consumers can create content of their own, marketers no longer control the message. If you can't lead the conversation, you'd better learn how to be part of it.
A new report details how to better understand -- and, even more critical, how to apply -- Web analytics.
The Montana-based CRM software provider unveils the November '07 edition of its flagship product, replete with trendy new features.
As the annual shopping season opens, retailers need to allocate resources more effectively.
As the shopping season approaches, retailers can expect disgruntled customers.
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