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A change in your brand's tagline may end up damaging the brand itself.
The newest offering from the provider of enterprise compliance and quality management solutions takes the human factor out of unifying data.
The vendor's latest on-demand contact center platform underscores the importance of monitoring calls in real time.
Teradata's reselling of Trillium DQ offerings offers a boost in master data management for enterprises.
Using customers to benefit customers brings marketing intelligence to a whole new level.
A new partnership between the search-engine giant and content management systems gives end users a tool for Web-page testing.
New research shows that business intelligence tools have a higher adoption rate among small businesses than their medium-sized counterparts.
AOTA '08: Woeful romantics may cry out over their Missed Connections, but craigslist aims never to let the integrity of its site—or the trust of its millions of users—slip away.
Driving Innovation '08: Verint Systems CEO and President Dan Bodner says that merely collecting intelligence is worthless without being able to properly utilize the data.
With market leaders like Amazon.com leading the way, the emerging medium is making waves.
Gartner names the new and the noteworthy in the realm of sales applications for CRM.
Automation is second nature to robotics supplier iRobot, making automated customer service from RightNow Technologies a solid match.
Online- and catalogue-only merchants are being called out for getting a head start, but a new bill hopes to even the score
Economic concerns haven't had much effect on results, but it's going to take something "monumental" to push e-commerce to the next level.
An easy-to-use business intelligence project sparks innovative reporting without additional personnel.
In the face of new challenges, design and creativity are seen as key factors
When marketers try to reach a particular demographic, the successes -- and failures -- reflect on all of us.
Other industries could stand to learn a few things as e-commerce continues to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction.
Silicon Image's HDMI unit used Oracle iStore to handle a growing licensing business.
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