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A report by IDC indicates that certain industries are warming up to different server vendors for different reasons.
Leading manufacturers are integrating their processes to serve customers, and will seek to improve performance by focusing on data integration, analytics, and BI.
Analytics can reinvigorate the industry now that consumers are consuming again.
Successful organizations need to deliver experience, execution, and equity to continue evolving strategies and capabilities.
Automakers can solve problems more quickly and improve customer satisfaction by exchanging customer data with dealers.
To ease supervisors' time-intensive data-collection method, the organization created an in-house tool.
Lou Fusz Automotive Network turns to AVV from Autobytel.
The Global Client gathering this week revealed how customers will benefit from SOA and the pending Epiphany integration.
A matrix approach that combines customer data will forge better sales and marketing results as buying patterns emerge.
One analyst says that the market leaders 'are the most comfortable with outsourcing.'
Manufacturers and retailers should stop focusing on low-cost solutions and look at long-term benefits like partner collaboration.
Government, financial services, and manufacturing head up IBM's Global Business Security Index, a trend barometer of increased criminal intent in attacks.
The leading vendors attracted new customers in 2004; hosted options are in demand.
Manufacturing is expected to see the largest gain; money will be spent in areas that include online sales/e-commerce, Web self-service, and IT outsourcing.
Process calls for grounding strategic decisions.
CRM software is becoming as important as nuts and bolts.
The dealership moves from a PC-based CRM application to a Web-based solution to support its growth strategy.
The industry's chronic inability to accurately gauge customer demand for styles and option packages, particularly among domestic mainstream imprints, is leading to frustration.
Divesh Sisodraker, who served as Pivotal's CFO for almost three years, has been named president and CEO of Chinadotcom's CRM software division.
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Companies: Manufacturing/Automotive
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