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"The biggest key to getting customers to buy is a quick response."
Siebel continues to rely on its CRM applications and SAP on its ERP offerings to land customers, but both companies will have to continue to improve their wares to keep customers.
A report by IDC indicates that certain industries are warming up to different server vendors for different reasons.
Storing patient medical records electronically and new regulations from governments will contribute to spending.
A vision-correction practice integrates with GoldMine for sharp results.
Healthcare organizations are striving to improve customer relationships in three critical ways.
Financial services, construction, and healthcare are top implementers of on-demand CRM; uptake is slow, but is accelerating among small businesses.
One analyst says that the market leaders 'are the most comfortable with outsourcing.'
With significant contributions from the healthcare, transportation, utilities, and banking industries, outsourcing is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.3 percent through 2009.
Government, financial services, and manufacturing head up IBM's Global Business Security Index, a trend barometer of increased criminal intent in attacks.
The healthcare industry will drive software spending growth through 2009.
Sales execution concerns and closing fewer megadeals hamper the company's growth.
Customers feel more protected in case of emergency and would pay to have information stored that way.
The number of offshore suppliers and more client selectivity are contributing to the drop.
Business outsourcing provider Pearson Government Solutions answers the call of thousands who take employment for granted with those who cannot.
Customer advocates challenge loyalty card holders' anonymity; an expert cautions that ID fraud issues cut both ways.
The upsurge in cyber crime is leading many managers to adopt more best-of-breed security solutions.
The NCI's cancer information portal leads this quarter's ACSI survey.
Insights '05: The company announces at its annual partner conference new initiatives and a name change to signal alignment with its international brand.
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Companies: Healthcare
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