Articles: Financial Services/Banking
A credit union uses service as a competitive advantage over price.
Banks need to do a better job of making consumers aware of online payment options and benefits.
More companies are expected to eliminate monthly fees to attract more online bill payers as gen Xers and Yers drive the growth of Internet banking.
Consolidation continues as SAP strengthens its position in retail, finance, and consumer goods with the purchase of the demand management software developer.
Where are financial services providers in the CRM maturation process?
A financial services firm reinvests in support.
Financial services firms have retargeted their investments in customer-facing processes and are reaping the rewards.
How financial services organizations can move up to the next level of CRM; banks still have a lot to learn, particularly when it comes to channel integration strategies.
The company has been under a year-long investigation by the private-sector self-regulatory organization for allegedly misleading its smaller clients about investments.
Government, financial services, and professional services will expand usage for mobile workforces, and retail will advance customer care and supply chain management.
Financial services, construction, and healthcare are top implementers of on-demand CRM; uptake is slow, but is accelerating among small businesses.
One analyst says that the market leaders 'are the most comfortable with outsourcing.'
The FTC settlement demands the company pay $950,000 and stop using deceptive practices for Web-site offers of 'free' credit reports; a warning is issued to 130 other sites.
Banks should look for warning signs and offer customer support to help prevent defaulting on payments, a survey states.
With significant contributions from the healthcare, transportation, utilities, and banking industries, outsourcing is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.3 percent through 2009.
Government, financial services, and manufacturing head up IBM's Global Business Security Index, a trend barometer of increased criminal intent in attacks.
A financial services company estimates an 850 percent ROI from implementing Teradata's data warehouse and CRM solutions.
Companies must strengthen sites to reflect more accurately their products and services.
The healthcare industry will drive software spending growth through 2009.
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Companies: Financial Services/Banking
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