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As with any CRM deployment, potential users still need to weigh the relative merits before deciding if on-demand is appropriate for their organizations.
Concurrent with the announcement of the NetCommerce modules, NetSuite indicated that it now has 1,000 business customers using NetSuite's live e-commerce capabilities.
A recent Gartner research note states that companies that engage an ASP are perhaps overawed by the low initial price tag and don't consider the necessary ongoing costs they may incur as the relationship period extends.
At the end of this month the Oracle Small Business Suite on-demand service provided by NetSuite will be rebranded NetSuite Small Business Suite.
The real distinction comes from the possibility for change down the road. Clients start with hosted or on-demand CRM with the intent of switching to an on-premises application later.
A major challenge for serious adopters of online self-service is the fact that the quality of the interaction is very dependent on the customer's ability to use the self-help system.
Insights '04: Best Software revealed plans to take more CRM market share in the small- and midsize business markets at its annual Insights conference, held in Orlando, Fla., last week.
The new offerings are in the areas of advertising/media sales, commercial lending, and telecommunication services.
Pivotal's basic email client has been improved, with closer integration with Outlook 2003; the SmartPortal system has been expanded to a more open interface, allowing easier third-party data integration.
Salesforce.com, citing the quite period surrounding IPOs, would not comment on the amended prospectus.
According to the survey, 70 percent of respondents are at least aware of the pay-as-you-go model for enterprise software, but only 20 percent say they are already using it.
These executives had a clear understanding of exactly what part of the sales process needed to be improved.
The online delivery of CRM technology may actually represent one of the early battlegrounds of technology evolution for the years ahead.
The Securities and Exchange Commission has stopped the clock on Salesforce.com's initial public offering.
Should companies expect their CRM vendors to help them use CRM to determine who their most profitable customers are?
CEO Kagermann says SAP will continue to find further ways to lower TCO, for example, through improved enterprise services offerings like inventory prioritization and planning, and will continue to offer the flexibility that should allow customers to better use SAP to help spur their growth.
Not counting the value of unspecified SureBridge liabilities absorbed by NaviSite, more than 70 percent of the acquisition is being funded by promissory notes totaling $39.5 million.
Executives from NetSuite, Onyx, PeopleSoft, and Salesnet all say the same thing: Their recent product upgrades were direct results of having worked closely with customers to uncover their needs and priorities.
CRM executives answer the question, Do companies that use CRM have a distinct advantage over companies that don't use CRM in uncovering who their most valuable customers are and then retaining them?
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Companies: SMB/Mid-market CRM
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