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META analysts' various sources for generating vendor ratings include vendor surveys, customer references, META research data, and the analysts' collective experience in covering the ChRM market.
Gartner consultant Ed Thompson offered eight building blocks for successful CRM projects.
While the performance optimization market is still relatively new, the melding of workflow automation, training, workforce management, and workforce optimization solutions is starting to provide a soup-to-nuts means of identifying and improving agent performance levels.
Saab Cars USA rolled out its enterprisewide CRM solution and strategy, dubbed TouchPoint, beginning in January 2002. Saab is using TouchPoint to improve customer service efforts, as well as to support customers and dealers. The initiative focuses on the customer interaction center, marketing, lead management, and data quality.
March 18, 2003. Just another day. Or was it? To those in the CRM industry it was one more opportunity to improve customer service, streamline CRM processes, and build revenue. CRM magazine hit the road that day and shadowed people throughout the United States who are immersed in CRM: executives at four customer companies, including sales, marketing, contact center, and IT folks; two analysts; the CTO and a sales manager of an integration firm; and a key account salesperson for an enterprise CRM vendor. The goal was to uncover the role CRM plays in their jobs and for their companies on a typical day. What we found was anything but ordinary. Following is our inside look at a day in the life of CRM.
CRM is turning call centers into profit centers.
Follow these 10 steps and you'll have information that really means something, rather than just have a lot of data that confuses more than it informs.
Switching CRM vendors is a tough, but often wise, decision.
Business Process Automation: Buzzword or Business Imperative?
CRM is making it as easy for international companies to share information among offices scattered across the globe as it is for them to share it with coworkers down the hall. The secret to mastering this in your company is to follow these 10 essential guidelines.
FedEx has been able to integrate business processes and provide customers with a single point of access for all shipping needs. To do so the company devised a three-prong approach to CRM.
An overarching goal of RTE lies with the need for process automation to manage the detailed steps involved in moving transactions and business events from start to finish.
Golf USA uses portals to build relationships with and sales for franchisees.
Using CRM, Bernina speaks the language of both dealers and customers.
To improve relationships with and increase profits from the channel companies must treat those partners as well as they would their customers.
Onyx Software Corp. Wednesday started shipping updated versions of its customer and partner portals that have been rebuilt on XML standards.
Apropos will embed a private-label version of its Multi-channel Interaction Management Suite within the J.D. Edwards CRM application suite.
ChannelWave goes to Japan; Onyx eyes China; IT investment in Asia-Pacific on the verge of growth, says IDC
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