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The time has come once again for CRM magazine to reward excellence and achievement among vendors in the CRM industry. CRM vendors have individually and collectively worked to build confidence in the discipline, and those efforts are paying off. According to AMR Research, companies are still making modest-but-measurable increases in their spending on customer management tools and strategies, to the tune of an additional $600 million in spending expected for 2004. Interest is strongest among midmarket and SMB firms, which we classify as those companies under $1 billion and under $100 million in annual revenues, respectively. But there was plenty to stir things up this year. Read on to see what companies prevailed from 2003, and how others are leaving an indelible mark on the industry.
Presenting financial information from 2003, the report analyzes the workforce management market.
Online consumers have become more educated and sophisticated over the past year.
Unisys and KRC Research polled 150 top executives and IT decision-makers to examine the concerns and goals of companies that have deployed a comprehensive analytics strategy.
The pharmaceutical industry collects a tremendous volume of information about physicians and the prescriptions they write. The challenge lies in making sense of the prescription statistics and other aspects of physician profiles.
Without taking these four key steps, companies could be working from skewed data, results could be incorrect, and there is the potential for severe business consequences.
A roundup of call center solutions for now and in the near future.
SAP's application does not have the same amount of functionality as Siebel's, but in terms of what people actually use on a regular basis, they have reached functional parity.
TDWI's second report in its 2004 Report Series, "In Search of a Single Version of Truth: Strategies for Consolidating Analytic Silos," finds that organizations have yet to consolidate an average of two data warehouses, six independent data marts, and 28.5 spreadmarts, with only one third of all structures actually consolidated.
Unishippers invested about $6 million in its CRM system.
The online currency trading firm was missing the back-end analytics crucial for effective prospecting and campaigning.
According to a new study, although the number of companies using at least some real-time data has increased over the past year, many are learning that not all decisions need real-time data.
The real coalition of the willing, though, tends to comprise the youngest customers.
If you have more than 10,000 customers or prospects in your B2B universe, you might be able to boost performance substantially through predictive modeling.
To reach a holistic view of the customer and the various ways customers are using services, providers must tap into a wider variety of data sources than ever before, encompassing marketing, CRM, billing, and data from other applications throughout the enterprise.
The study indicated a relatively small degree of pushback for data-driven loyalty programs.
According to the study, the industry continues to sputter in generating license revenue.
For the pharmaceutical industry effective Customer Relationship. Management begins with effective Customer Information Management
It's the information within the technology that matters.
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Companies: Analytics
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