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Harte-Hanks's report examined 2,626 B2B permission-based email campaigns--more than 17 million messages--in the telecommunications and high-tech markets.
Understanding that not all your employees can be expert linguists, name-recognition technology solves the difficult task of deconstructing names to gather detailed information about a name's origins, its culture, and the meanings of terms in the names.
There's been a sharp growth in the volume of information available to help make informed purchasing decisions--it's considerably more than anyone can possibly filter for a "correct" decision.
Loyalty marketers are now designing emails with a better chance of reaching their recipients and running campaigns to reward points and cash-back bonuses for consumers providing their email address.
A new survey finds that enterprises are relying more and more on digital marketing, and that B2B firms are using digital marketing solutions more than ever for lead generation, Web site traffic generation, customer education, and for cross-sell and upsell opportunities.
Mining data to develop insightful and actionable results effecting the bottom line in terms of improved efficiency and increased profitability requires a mix of statistical, programming, database, and business-process skill.
Gartner has presented its 10 must-do New Year resolutions for CIOs and IT Directors for 2004; MicroStrategy has announced that Trenitalia has deployed the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Platform to analyze railroad ticket sales data; and Sharper Image has selected Coremetrics to provide detailed analysis of customer and visitor behavior on SI's Web site.
Guided selling tools can help reduce customer churn and can allow salespeople to adapt to customer lifestyle changes that may affect a sale in real time.
An organization can better target members for increased investment--or disinvestment--based on potential value, while delivering more relevant communications and offers geared to member needs.
Most organizations are only now coming to grips with this new reality: Customers are in control, they believe they have rights and they expect companies to honor those wishes.
According to a recent "Delivery Trends Report" from EmailLabs, Tuesday is the best day to send an email campaign, with Wednesday being the top day for recipients to open emails.
The sales process must align a go-to-market strategy with the buyer's identified behaviors.
According to the latest report from META Group covering enterprise marketing portfolio management, enterprises are expected to focus more on the marketing component of CRM and to begin consolidating stovepiped marketing functions into marketing technology portfolios.
Gartner research predicts that by 2005 there will be 16 billion emails sent daily, with 60 percent of those emails being spam.
Two thousand three was a year of rebirth for the CRM industry. Trends took shape--and then took hold. It became increasingly clear that they are not fads. In fact, what are hot trends now will likely be considered business as usual by the end of two thousand four.
Marketing automation software, which grew out of CRM, allows marketers to plan, target, deliver, and measure direct-to-consumer marketing communications, across both online and offline channels.
Marketing executives need to work closely with internal call centers to use the existing technology for the purpose of effective outbound marketing.
Target marketing is much more effective than sporadic initiatives, trying to always find new leads, and restarting the process from scratch with every new marketing campaign.
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