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How to recruit more top performers
ACCPAC eCRM 5.0 enables office and mobile users to have improved integration to back-office accounting functions through the eCRM interface. Reporting and analysis tools are 20 times faster than before, says Tom Crafton, vice president of eCRM for ACCPAC.
Amid widely reported CRM failures, a Fujitsu Consulting study today found a bright spot in the telecommunications sector -- one of the fastest adopters of CRM technology.
As return on investment is becoming more of a concern for C-level executives and marketers, CRM vendors are forced to prove their worth. That is why Salesforce.com upgraded its online CRM product to enable marketing departments to automatically calculate ROI for each marketing campaign.
The goal is to make it easier for sales folk to use UpShot's service. The announcement is also a pre-emptive strike against Microsoft, the maker of these applications, which is planning to enter the CRM space later this year.
Interact Commerce Corp., maker of CRM offering SalesLogix, said that Arbitrel Inc. has joined the SalesLogix Technology Partner Program.
While the company is selling its Enterprise Edition, it's selling it to the larger end of its SMB client-base - an area the company has enjoyed phenomenal success, garnering nearly 1,200 new customers in the last three months alone to total nearly 4,500 customers today.
Is improved collaboration the answer to your companies' prayers? Many executives think so, and it's easy to understand why. Everyday, executives see the need for their employees to collaborate. These needs, which executives hope can be dried under the umbrella of collaboration, come in many shapes and sizes:
Predicting demand is probably the largest benefit of CRM, but it's also often the least understood. At a high level, the best practices in sales pipeline forecasting come down to two components: (1) removing bias and subjectivity from the forecast and (2) using a time-series of past actual sales to determine the current forecast.
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Alcatel held its annual Gforce user conference in San Francisco this week with a focus on its customers.
The word is out: Integration is the key to unlocking CRM's potential. Everyone from vendors to consultants and customers claim they can do it -- but it's just not that easy, industry watchers say.
There's no "short cut" to customer enlightenment - instead, companies must do the hard work to understand customer processes, issues, and opportunities, set clear goals (supported by specific actions and metrics), and prioritize the "long list" of possible projects into a series of steps that can improve customer value and demonstrate results.
Analyst: Pavement-pounding salespeople remain skeptical about CRM
Buyout of Navision expands global presence.
Visual Elk seen as key to corralling remote salespeople
London-based researcher Datamonitor says PRM and ERM have limited market opportunity today
SAS Institute has been pouring research dollars into building an analytical tool for the marketing community, in hopes of picking up sales in the hot CRM space.
With increased competition in online and offline marketplaces, organizations are turning to CRM to attract and retain customers.
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