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Point N Time Software
405 Wolverley Lane
Allen TX 75002

PH: 214-509-8864
Visit their Web site: www.pointntime.com
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Point N Time Software is a global provider and leader of mobile and cloud solutions that improve planning, execution and follow-up of critical business meetings. The industry leading Meeting Mapper application brings easy and affordable meeting management tools to business professionals. Powerful and easy to use, the solutions provide easy customization to utilize your sales and project methodology at an incredibly inexpensive price point.

Point N Time Software has three solutions to meet the challenges of today’s sales and project teams. Our solutions support inside and field teams, ensuring meetings are planned, executed and followed-up in an intuitive and easy to use interface all within your CRM. Meeting Mapper gathers over 50 individual data points per meeting. This information and data gathered is stored in your CRM to provide robust and relevant data to drive Sales Performance Management, marketing activities and product direction. Our flagship product Meeting Mapper has over 26,000 users in 65 countries and was a Forbes Top 10 twice in 2013.

Applying its deep industry-level experience, Point N Time Software created a wide range of sales and project solutions for meeting management, which leverages CRM to ensure a 360-degree coverage of current and potential customers interactions, the very reason you bought CRM. With Point N Time Software solutions sales can close more business to drive increased revenue and projects are completed in time at reduced costs.

Product Description

Meeting Mapper turns meetings into revenue by gathering ‘Actionable Intelligence’ so you can identify and capture the hidden reasons why people don’t buy, and sales don’t close.  It ensures that every meeting has a purpose, stakeholders and their stances are known, and only winnable opportunities are pursued. With deep Salesforce.com integration and mobile device support, Meeting Mapper is the ultimate cloud-based solution to help sales teams collaboratively drive revenue and maximize their ROI in their Salesforce.com implementation.

Meeting Mapper comes in three versions.

Meeting Mapper 360

  • Perfect for Inside and Field Account Teams
  • Perfect for Project and Internal meetings
  • 100% Native Salesforce App
  • Support Meeting Mapper Mobile
  • Supports Salesforce1 Mobile
  • No pre-configuration required in your Salesforce environment
  • Installs in minutes up and running in no time
  • The must unique solution on the AppExchange
  • Pay for only the users needing Meeting Mapper


 Meeting Mapper Mobile


 Meeting Mapper Basic

  • Store all your meetings in the cloud
  • Perfect for Small and Medium Businesses
  • Inside and Field Account Teams
  • Perfect for Project and Internal meetings
  • 100% Cloud Based
  • Up and running in minutes
  • Pay for only the users needing Meeting Mapper

Meeting Mapper for Oracle coming soon!

Whether using your browser or iPad the Meeting Mapper Engaging and Intuitive interface, keeps you focused on during your meetings. 

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Value at All Levels in Your Company

VP of Sales/Operations/Marketing

  • Consistent information for accurate revenue forecasts
  • Actionable intelligence from customer interactions
  • Sales Performance Metrics

Director of Sales/Operations/Marketing

  • Consistent information for accurate revenue forecasts
  • Actionable intelligence from customer interactions
  • Sales Performance Metrics

Sales Managers

  • Consistent information for accurate revenue forecasts
  • Consistent opportunity reviews with Reps
  • Easy determination if Rep is at the right level in the customer org
  • Reduction in number and length of forecast reviews
  • Team Mentoring
  • On-boarding of new Reps

Account Reps

  • Substantial reduction in Salesforce data entry
  • Populate Salesforce with Actionable Intelligence 

Meeting Mapper products insure you complete the three key elements of any meeting

Plan, Execute and Follow-up.  Without these three elements the time and effort you spent securing the meetings will go to waste. Meeting Mapper is designed to ensure every one of your meetings are successful, because they are well planned, well executed and follow-up is assured.

Planning is key to having a successful meeting. Having a point of reference from the last meeting ensures you start the conversation off in the right direction. Whether a meeting is an initial or a follow on meeting. Meeting Mapper for Salesforce will ensure you are prepared and confident to execute a Great Meeting! When you create a meeting using Meeting Mapper and add meeting attendees, it brings in the meeting attendees in the meeting with the last stance and role from the previous meeting. After adding the meeting attendees, you can enter in the Goal and Objectives of the meeting along with any questions you want to ask or any notes to include.  Save the meeting and you are all set for the meeting.

Execute using Meeting Mapper is it easy to conduct your meetings. You already have an advantage because you start your meetings from a point of power. You know the Stance and Role of the meeting attendees and questions you want to ask. During the meeting you can add detailed meeting notes both Public and Internal, modify the meeting attendees Stance and Role and collaborate with team members within the meeting page. No need to switch between programs or windows, keeping you focused on what is important. No other product gives you the ability to capture the robust meeting information that drives increased revenue and shortens your sales cycles.

Follow-Up once you have entered in the ‘Actionable Intelligence’ in Meeting Mapper it is easy to follow-up on Next Steps and Action Items.  After all it is stored in Salesforce and updates all the related objects. This single meeting interface updates everything in the Salesforce ecosystem. This ensures the consistency of data and information and allow for collaboration among team members and easy reporting for management. You can update your manager even if they are not logged into Salesforce using Meeting Mapper’s exclusive meeting export in PDF format. Meeting exports can be in the ‘Private or Public’ form thus relieving you the task of sanitizing your meeting notes, Meeting Mapper does it for you.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content
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    Symplified easily gathers and applies meeting details in real time with Meeting Mapper.
  • White Paper
    Meeting Mapper solves the essential problem of the sales process – tracking the decision makers in your meetings. Allowing you to close more business and drive increased revenue.
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    Insightful blogs centered around Sales and Project Management.
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    See what others are saying about Point N Time Software and Meeting Mapper.
  • The Challenge
    It's like pulling teeth! Updating CRM does not have to be hard, difficult, time consuming or painful.
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