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Like any relationship, it requires a lot of work.
Posted 26 Apr 2017
'Customers want to be loyal to you…but we don't necessarily roll out the red carpet and make it easy for them to remain loyal to us,' says an expert on brand advocacy.
Posted 25 Apr 2017
Launched 30 years ago, the Act! solution continues to evolve with the ever-changing landscape of the CRM industry.
Posted 19 Apr 2017
The platform aims to address the challenges of prospecting, visitor identification, and data appending.
Posted 17 Apr 2017
Users can now use Kyvos' solution to analyze data in the Google Cloud environment.
Posted 12 Apr 2017
The latest version of the platform aims to improve website lead conversions and overall user experience.
Posted 10 Apr 2017
At SAS Global Forum 2017, the company unveils new products and hosts a talk from an Orlando Magic executive.
Posted 05 Apr 2017
Data Step Debugger, SAS Graphics Accelerator, and Edge to Enterprise Analytics make analytics accessible to all skill levels.
Posted 03 Apr 2017
The solution aims to transform marketers' communications with prospects through personalized content.
Posted 29 Mar 2017
The trio of solutions composes an expanded customer experience platform.
Posted 27 Mar 2017
Posted 27 Mar 2017 [April 2017 Issue]
Posted 27 Mar 2017 [April 2017 Issue]
Posted 27 Mar 2017 [April 2017 Issue]
The social communications platform provider brings creativity to collaboration
Posted 27 Mar 2017 [April 2017 Issue]
The vendor's acquisition strategy takes it in completely new directions
Posted 27 Mar 2017 [April 2017 Issue]
Avaya-owned Zang's text messaging platform helps keep OwnerListens in the conversation
Posted 27 Mar 2017 [April 2017 Issue]
Study finds a distinct link between CX Index scores and revenue potential
Posted 27 Mar 2017 [April 2017 Issue]
Digital marketing will approach $120 billion by 2021, but marketers are shifting strategies to adjust to a post-digital world
Posted 27 Mar 2017 [April 2017 Issue]
Reports from Juniper and Forrester indicate that use of mobile payment solutions will increase for both businesses and consumers
Posted 27 Mar 2017 [April 2017 Issue]
Businesses must pay attention to the role of emotion and expectations in customer experience, speakers say.
Posted 23 Mar 2017
The vendor announced the launch of a set of cloud services for creating exceptional customer experiences, as conference speakers stressed the importance of crafting them.
Posted 22 Mar 2017
Diverse group of four organizations join the NetSuite Solution Provider Program.
Posted 20 Mar 2017
The solution uses machine learning to power predictive and prescriptive analytics.
Posted 15 Mar 2017
The AI-powered platform enables users to quickly create and share video content.
Posted 13 Mar 2017
'What data do we need?' and 'Who does the analysis?' are among the questions that help unlock where analytics is going.
Posted 09 Mar 2017
Analytics is shifting from being 'in the business' to being 'the business' itself, embedded into operational processes and platforms and including predictive and prescriptive tools.
Posted 08 Mar 2017
Business strategy is depending on an expanded vision of data and analytics, especially with the Internet of Things looming.
Posted 07 Mar 2017
The collaboration aims to provide developers with a range of cloud learning and enablement resources.
Posted 01 Mar 2017
The company taps Hootsuite for all its social media management, and its holiday 2016 campaign was a hit on Instagram
Posted 27 Feb 2017 [March 2017 Issue]
Organizations are set to increase IoT spending to optimize operations, but the technology isn't without risks
Posted 27 Feb 2017 [March 2017 Issue]
Financial services customers see benefits in using computer-generated services
Posted 27 Feb 2017 [March 2017 Issue]
Once that happens, enterprise applications of the technology will soar
Posted 27 Feb 2017 [March 2017 Issue]
Analysis of consumer information has become a complex, multistage process. Businesses need to understand each stage—and how they work together—to be competitive
Posted 27 Feb 2017 [March 2017 Issue]
The company hopes to address customers' critical business needs with a variety of new capabilities.
Posted 27 Feb 2017
The integrated sales enablement solution aims to make sales reps more effective with their conversations.
Posted 22 Feb 2017
The collaboration aims to enable IBM clients to use existing and future investments in IBM storage to deploy Hadoop-based Big Data applications.
Posted 15 Feb 2017
The service aims to simplify and accelerate data integration.
Posted 13 Feb 2017
The analytics solution enables companies to derive real-time insights from existing customer data.
Posted 08 Feb 2017
The design strategy vendor counts Apple, Best Buy, and Chipotle among its clients.
Posted 06 Feb 2017
The Big Game Social Tracker will monitor social media activity before, during, and after the Super Bowl this weekend.
Posted 01 Feb 2017
Customer satisfaction is 269 percent higher when marketing puts consumer needs first
Posted 01 Feb 2017 [February 2017 Issue]
Social media is the top marketing channel used by small and midsize businesses, and it's only growing, according to BIA/Kelsey
Posted 01 Feb 2017 [February 2017 Issue]
Brand storytelling has become an essential element of company success
Posted 01 Feb 2017 [February 2017 Issue]
The car cleaner company gets a big boost in brand awareness with a word-of-mouth campaign
Posted 01 Feb 2017 [February 2017 Issue]
Together, the two companies aim to provide organizations with competitive people-based marketing capabilities.
Posted 30 Jan 2017
The technology enables dynamic interactions with virtual assistants
Posted 25 Jan 2017
The enhancements aim to accelerate marketing campaigns and increase ROI
Posted 23 Jan 2017
The new capability aims to provide advertisers with improved visibility into ad performance.
Posted 18 Jan 2017
The combined solution brings together Tipalti's automated global partner payment features and LinkTrust's real-time advertisement tracking capabilities.
Posted 16 Jan 2017
The combined solution pairs Teradata's warehousing and analytics with Azure's deployment ability.
Posted 11 Jan 2017
The acquisition builds upon CenturyLink's partnership with SAP.
Posted 09 Jan 2017
The two companies will work together on a precision marketing solution.
Posted 04 Jan 2017
Although competing in a crowded market, the streaming and video services provider was able to significantly increase its subscriber base
Posted 01 Jan 2017 [January 2017 Issue]
Marketers need to meet consumers on the platforms they're already using and connect the dots between them
Posted 01 Jan 2017 [January 2017 Issue]
Personalized product offerings and services translate to higher sales, but companies are still in the early stages, according to Accenture
Posted 01 Jan 2017 [January 2017 Issue]
BIA/Kelsey predicts growth, especially for online and digital advertising revenue
Posted 01 Jan 2017 [January 2017 Issue]
Yellowfin Connectors enable users to view and share third-party data and analytics directly through the platform.
Posted 19 Dec 2016
The content marketing analytics and intelligence tool aims to help digital content teams determine how their branded content is being consumed.
Posted 14 Dec 2016
The updated solution offers a virtual agent platform aimed at improving enterprise integration and customer engagement.
Posted 12 Dec 2016
The ad building technology aims to deliver visually striking, on-brand real-time ads that are contextualized for each customer.
Posted 07 Dec 2016
Personalization and video marketing can help create valuable relationships with customers.
Posted 01 Dec 2016
Analytics are needed to make the data generated useful, ABI Research suggests
Posted 01 Dec 2016 [December 2016 Issue]
The already effective technology will become even more valuable in the future
Posted 01 Dec 2016 [December 2016 Issue]
The digital retailer created more targeted email and web campaigns using the customer retention solution
Posted 01 Dec 2016 [December 2016 Issue]
Getting the right content to customers and building a narrative around your brand are paramount to success in the digital marketplace, speakers say.
Posted 30 Nov 2016
The solution, which is compatible with Salesforce, Hubspot, and Slack, can provide up-to-date information on lead investments and competitor launches.
Posted 28 Nov 2016
With the acquisition, Oracle aims to extend the capabilities of its cloud computing platform.
Posted 21 Nov 2016
The solution assists marketers with executing personalized campaigns aimed at their highest-value targets.
Posted 16 Nov 2016
The social media marketer, which allows businesses to manage their social media pages on a single platform, adds Instagram to the mix.
Posted 14 Nov 2016
The new capabilities accelerate workflows in the cloud and introduce mobile device functionality.
Posted 07 Nov 2016
The solution provides advertisers and publishers with a variety of unique, and adaptable, ad templates.
Posted 02 Nov 2016
Its crossword app sees a rise in revenue and retention using the monetization platform
Posted 01 Nov 2016 [November 2016 Issue]
With the right execution, native advertising can be an effective component of any marketing strategy
Posted 01 Nov 2016 [November 2016 Issue]
Pop-up ads will drop companies in Google search listings
Posted 01 Nov 2016 [November 2016 Issue]
Knowing where customers fall can improve contacts with them and their followers
Posted 01 Nov 2016 [November 2016 Issue]
The new release focuses on supply chain improvements.
Posted 31 Oct 2016
The new features are designed to help marketers segment audiences based on device, channel, and media environment.
Posted 26 Oct 2016
Collibra 5.0 includes a data catalog and a number of new usability features.
Posted 24 Oct 2016
The organization unveiled new standards for data usage, and former NBA star Kobe Bryant closed out the conference with a talk on teamwork.
Posted 19 Oct 2016
The conference focused on the changing definition of data—and the various new ways it's being generated, collected, and used.
Posted 18 Oct 2016
The solution aims to power 'people-based marketing' by unifying cross-channel data.
Posted 12 Oct 2016
The updates include expanded integrations with Salesforce Service Cloud and NetSuite
Posted 10 Oct 2016
The company's customer experience solution will now be bolstered by real-time video content.
Posted 05 Oct 2016
The suite of new features are designed to help marketers deliver personalized messages across channels.
Posted 03 Oct 2016
Education, not technology, could be the key to letting ads get through
Posted 01 Oct 2016 [October 2016 Issue]
Companies that capitalize on data will see the biggest revenue boosts
Posted 01 Oct 2016 [October 2016 Issue]
Although the term itself might be vague, the fundamental principles of the disruptive business model are here to stay
Posted 01 Oct 2016 [October 2016 Issue]
The digital eye-care provider decreases response times, builds efficiency, and strengthens customer service
Posted 01 Oct 2016 [October 2016 Issue]
The enhancements can make the targeting process simpler—and show you which accounts to target.
Posted 28 Sep 2016
The alliance aims to help companies deliver personalized experiences to customers, while the new releases promote AI and collaboration.
Posted 26 Sep 2016
The company released the latest version of its project management tool Hanalyzer, as well as SAP HANA express edition, a streamlined version of its platform.
Posted 21 Sep 2016
Salesforce Einstein brings AI capabilities to every Salesforce Cloud.
Posted 19 Sep 2016
The new initiative enables Sales Navigator to integrate with leading CRM systems.
Posted 14 Sep 2016
The solution, which features a creative library and an ad builder, integrates with Getty Images and YouTube.
Posted 12 Sep 2016
The new solution identifies untapped revenue opportunities in the sales pipeline.
Posted 07 Sep 2016
A new marketing solution helps the technology maker track video performance
Posted 01 Sep 2016 [September 2016 Issue]
It's a fast-paced, mobile-first world, and marketers need to deliver something of value to customers and prospects
Posted 01 Sep 2016 [September 2016 Issue]
Pinterest and eBay have invested in AI to improve shopping experiences
Posted 01 Sep 2016 [September 2016 Issue]
Users want tools that are more versatile and support more platforms and file formats
Posted 01 Sep 2016 [September 2016 Issue]
The transaction aims to bolster Genesys's customer experience offerings and global market presence. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Posted 31 Aug 2016
The data virtualization company looks to make data graveyards useful with its data retention solution.
Posted 29 Aug 2016
The company introduces new deployment options for Hadoop and Amazon Web Services.
Posted 24 Aug 2016
The new features aim to assist publishers and advertisers in identifying and remedying problems with their deals and real-time bidding strategies.
Posted 22 Aug 2016
Support for Outlook 2016 and new template options that are easier to find and use round out the updated sales and marketing platform.
Posted 17 Aug 2016
The solution is an intelligent calendar designed specifically for salespeople.
Posted 15 Aug 2016
The solution can help users identify and engage sales-ready leads based on social media activity in their Marketo databases.
Posted 10 Aug 2016
The Mobile Presence Management and Marketing Platform can use in-store shopper behavioral data to deliver personalized digital content to customers.
Posted 08 Aug 2016
ActionCX from MaritzCX turns customer feedback into insights that can drive company-wide change.
Posted 03 Aug 2016
One of Vizury's key capabilities is the use of personal marketing messages, which the company uses to help marketers ensure that their products are purchased rather than abandoned.
Posted 03 Aug 2016
The new solution—Magento Analytics—looks to provide users with actionable data and insights.
Posted 01 Aug 2016
The integration provides Localytics customers with insight into the behaviors of users acquired from DoubleClick campaigns.
Posted 27 Jul 2016
The solution aims to assist financial services providers in complying with industry regulations.
Posted 25 Jul 2016
Companies that invest in JITM see 25 percent higher revenue growth
Posted 25 Jul 2016 [August 2016 Issue]
Companies need to add mobile messaging to their marketing mix
Posted 25 Jul 2016 [August 2016 Issue]
Posted 25 Jul 2016 [August 2016 Issue]
Posted 25 Jul 2016 [August 2016 Issue]
Posted 25 Jul 2016 [August 2016 Issue]
Posted 25 Jul 2016 [August 2016 Issue]
Posted 25 Jul 2016 [August 2016 Issue]
Posted 25 Jul 2016 [August 2016 Issue]
The e-commerce home furnisher increases email revenue with the help of marketing automation provider Dotmailer
Posted 25 Jul 2016 [August 2016 Issue]
Mozenda users can now add the web as a direct-input data source.
Posted 20 Jul 2016
The new integrations—with Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator—aim to streamline workflows for marketing and promotional campaigns.
Posted 18 Jul 2016
The extended alliance will see enhancements to Sitecore's offerings for Microsoft Azure.
Posted 13 Jul 2016
Although digital-born companies and traditional retailers are facing different challenges, both must deliver on their brand promise and offer personalized experiences to succeed in today's environment. Part of a special Retail Report
Posted 01 Jul 2016 [July 2016 Issue]
The Web site management platform lowers retargeting costs and increases click-through rates
Posted 01 Jul 2016 [July 2016 Issue]
The solution's new version aims to improve organizations' IT infrastructure.
Posted 29 Jun 2016
The two vendors aim to accelerate companies' adoption of hybrid cloud solutions.
Posted 27 Jun 2016
The platform aims to be a command center for B2B marketing teams.
Posted 22 Jun 2016
The new service looks to assist organizations in identity management and compliance processes.
Posted 20 Jun 2016
The new feature aims to help businesses re-engage with users who have uninstalled their apps.
Posted 15 Jun 2016
The software giant looks to incorporate LinkedIn's capabilities into a number of its products, including Office and Dynamics CRM.
Posted 13 Jun 2016
The app aims to help marketers manage their projects and teams while on the go.
Posted 08 Jun 2016
The solution aims to provide publishers with greater control over their ads.
Posted 06 Jun 2016
The solution aims to bridge the digital and physical worlds with location data analysis and real-time push notifications.
Posted 01 Jun 2016
The digital ad agency can track its performance in real time with Accelerize's ROI measuring tool
Posted 01 Jun 2016 [June 2016 Issue]
There are as many as five V's, but one trumps all of them
Posted 01 Jun 2016 [June 2016 Issue]
Marketers must craft their campaigns based on their organization's level of sophistication
Posted 01 Jun 2016 [June 2016 Issue]
Companies that resist digital transformation may need their mind-set disrupted.
Posted 25 May 2016
In connecting with customers, companies should reach out on a human level: telling stories, creating personas, and building loyalty and trust.
Posted 24 May 2016
The new cloud-based order and billing solution headlines a day of product announcements, including updates to OneWorld and Intelligent Order Management.
Posted 18 May 2016
The new platform seeks to build a direct connection between advertisers and publishers.
Posted 16 May 2016
Project Orion aims to give companies the tools for interacting with customers at every step of their journey.
Posted 11 May 2016
The solution aims to improve business performance by contextualizing large volumes of data.
Posted 09 May 2016
The new solution's features aim to optimize the use of direct mail.
Posted 04 May 2016
The solution aims to handle all aspects of event management.
Posted 02 May 2016
Connecting with customers at critical moments in the buying process is becoming the new imperative
Posted 01 May 2016 [May 2016 Issue]
The luxury jewelry maker's new solution helps the contact center double as a ‘sales center'
Posted 01 May 2016 [May 2016 Issue]
The new offerings aim to assist users in managing and deriving value from Big Data.
Posted 27 Apr 2016
The solution, which relies on Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, aims to predict potential failures in the manufacturing process.
Posted 25 Apr 2016
As speakers addressed the rise of the Internet of Things, SAS introduced Analytics for IoT, Customer Intelligence 360, and the Viya architecture.
Posted 20 Apr 2016
The solution is the result of [24]7's acquiring Campanja and EngageClick.
Posted 18 Apr 2016
The company prominently featured the Apttus Intelligent Cloud and Apttus E-Commerce solution.
Posted 13 Apr 2016
The gUnify Connector aims to give cloud-dependent companies streamlined client management.
Posted 11 Apr 2016
The two solutions join up to assist online marketers with a host of pricing and real-time features.
Posted 06 Apr 2016
The all-in-one solution provides engagement management tools from a single dashboard.
Posted 04 Apr 2016
Mobile and social media offerings enable organizations to have more targeted interactions
Posted 01 Apr 2016 [April 2016 Issue]
But first businesses need to better manage customer feedback
Posted 01 Apr 2016 [April 2016 Issue]
Companies need to make their marketing immersive for the most impact
Posted 01 Apr 2016 [April 2016 Issue]
Thanks to the marketing automation platform, a small bank hones sharper email campaigns
Posted 01 Apr 2016 [April 2016 Issue]
The partnership aims to address customers' data analysis needs more quickly.
Posted 30 Mar 2016
The solution looks to build a single customer view utilizing data from multiple channels.
Posted 28 Mar 2016
Creativity and innovation are also crucial, a point made by presenter (and movie star) George Clooney.
Posted 24 Mar 2016
Finding ways to connect directly with customers is paramount.
Posted 23 Mar 2016
The solution aims to provide extensive video surveillance and security management capabilities to organizations with high security needs.
Posted 21 Mar 2016
Speakers and sessions focused on approaching data and analytics in nontraditional ways.
Posted 16 Mar 2016
The Internet of Things will mean more data, and more need for analytic tools.
Posted 15 Mar 2016
The CX management provider's new partnership aims to improve organizations' real-time predictive analytics strategies.
Posted 09 Mar 2016
The latest version of the collaboration solution includes improvements to the iMeet desktop application.
Posted 07 Mar 2016
The acquisition yields a joint cloud software system that enables management of multiple business operations.
Posted 02 Mar 2016
The new collaboration aims to provide users of Google Cloud Launcher with improved database management capabilities.
Posted 29 Feb 2016
The solution enables customers to recount their experiences with brands in their own words.
Posted 24 Feb 2016
The new partnership provides businesses with an easy-to-use means of delivering video communications to consumers.
Posted 22 Feb 2016
Longer return windows make returns less likely
Posted 22 Feb 2016 [March 2016 Issue]
Print catalogs are growing as an effective marketing tool
Posted 22 Feb 2016 [March 2016 Issue]
Posted 22 Feb 2016 [March 2016 Issue]
Posted 22 Feb 2016 [March 2016 Issue]
Posted 22 Feb 2016 [March 2016 Issue]
Posted 22 Feb 2016 [March 2016 Issue]
Salesforce Service Cloud lets Michigan's VA agency give veterans a much-needed boost
Posted 22 Feb 2016 [March 2016 Issue]
With VoltDelta, Rx Outreach rolls out improved voice self-service and scheduled campaigns to better connect with customers
Posted 22 Feb 2016 [March 2016 Issue]
The kit helps developers incorporate calling and messaging integration into their apps and services.
Posted 17 Feb 2016
Brainshark for Coaching aims to help sales managers mentor their reps.
Posted 10 Feb 2016
The partnership aims to deliver speech analysis speech-to-text solutions to small and medium-size businesses.
Posted 08 Feb 2016
Users of the company's Xera system can now search their entire document collections within Office 365.
Posted 03 Feb 2016
Squeezed between the Boomers and the Millennials, Gen Xers face the dual responsibilities of caring for aging parents and their own children.
Posted 02 Feb 2016 [February 2016 Issue]
Invalid traffic, content sharing, and malware cost the digital ad industry $8.2 billion per year
Posted 02 Feb 2016 [February 2016 Issue]
A university study urges businesses to invest in greater customization to meet the trend
Posted 02 Feb 2016 [February 2016 Issue]
The payroll services provider uses the platform's survey, feedback, and data-mining tools to help keep customers happy—and make new ones
Posted 02 Feb 2016 [February 2016 Issue]
The new features seek to improve collaboration and the mobile experience.
Posted 01 Feb 2016
The agreement is part of a long-term innovation partnership between the two companies.
Posted 27 Jan 2016
The solution aims to increase Web and mobile conversion rates in the retail and automotive industries.
Posted 25 Jan 2016
The agreement brings CenturyLink's services to the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.
Posted 20 Jan 2016
The company has expanded its analytics platform and introduced new third-party applications.
Posted 18 Jan 2016
The new partnership brings RapidMiner's predictive analytics capabilities to InMoment's Voice of the Customer solution.
Posted 13 Jan 2016
The union between the two companies seeks to provide a superior analytics solution.
Posted 11 Jan 2016
Vuzix M100 wearables come equipped with APX Labs' Skylight software, which will also be compatible with the forthcoming M300 model.
Posted 06 Jan 2016
The solution brings real-time customer information and 100 percent call recording to Microsoft's communications system.
Posted 04 Jan 2016
Employee silence about colleagues' mistakes hurts the bottom line
Posted 01 Jan 2016 [January 2016 Issue]
Mobile will continue to dominate, but businesses need to be aware of the platform's risks.
Posted 30 Dec 2015
The service allows users to provide emergency responders with important information to reduce response time. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Posted 29 Dec 2015
The new partnership seeks to improve how businesses handle data from various sources.
Posted 21 Dec 2015
The new platform aims to improve B2B marketing performance by providing insight into online behavior.
Posted 16 Dec 2015
Research indicates that though consumers use multiple channels in their shopping journeys, companies are not successfully implementing omnichannel marketing strategies.
Posted 14 Dec 2015
The new partnership brings Flowroute's innovative communications solutions to Patton's router and controller products, helping businesses marshal telecom resources to improve the user experience.
Posted 09 Dec 2015
The new features aim to improve businesses' management and experience abroad.
Posted 07 Dec 2015
The new interface allows users to access PipelineDeals sales and account management platform directly from their inboxes.
Posted 02 Dec 2015
The new features seek to provide a more collaborative business environment and improve performance—particularly when it comes to mobile.
Posted 30 Nov 2015
More employees are using mobile devices to work in a little office holiday shopping—and on social channels especially they're a "captive audience."
Posted 25 Nov 2015
Black Friday will see a rise in cyber-shopping as the retailer advisory firm predicts more money spent—and more of it online—this year.
Posted 23 Nov 2015
The integration adds video as a voice of the customer feedback medium.
Posted 20 Nov 2015
Sales reps can gain access to client and prospect information as well as lead scores and grades within the popular email platform.
Posted 03 Nov 2015
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