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Allen Bonde

Allen Bonde is vice president of marketing at mobile CRM provider Repsly and a 20-year enterprise software and start-up veteran. He formerly ran product marketing and innovation at the Analytics unit of OpenText, and was cofounder of social marketing pioneer Wyng. He started his career as a data scientist in the telecom sector and also spent time at McKinsey, Yankee Group, and Extraprise advising global consumer and B2B brands. You can follow him on Twitter at @abonde.

Articles By Allen Bonde
Designing solutions for the new generation of mobile CRM users means realizing that they value convenience and simplicity over bells and whistles—they want apps that help them stay connected while streamlining everyday tasks.
Posted 08 Dec 2017
The next generation of CRM will be for the real estate broker finding a home for a newlywed couple, the architect managing projects and client referrals, or the pharmaceutical rep connecting a healthcare provider with a groundbreaking drug.
Posted 23 Nov 2016
Make sure your self-service is providing the right service.
Posted 23 Feb 2009
Two approaches to optimizing service delivery.
Posted 01 Sep 2006
The concept of having customers help themselves is actually a rather old idea--the difference today is that the channels for reaching customers, from voice response systems to kiosks and the Web, have evolved.
Posted 13 Sep 2004
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