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In the treacherous arena of customer service, a kind of literal and psychological disconnect exists between technology company executives (who really ought to know better) and their consumers.
Posted 09 Oct 2007
A Web-based approach to CRM preserves an organization's institutional memory.
Posted 23 Jul 2001
No aspect of this privacy issue is more controversial than wireless technologies. Since the FCC passed its "e-911" mandate requiring all cellular carriers to have the capacity to pinpoint subscribers within 400 feet by October 2001, an upheaval of concern over potential violations has exacerbated leery consumers and their advocates who consider the wireless device's ability to track its owner the ultimate invasion of privacy.
Posted 20 Jul 2001
Web Extra: Privacy legislation may either derail e-commerce or help get it on track and full of steam.
Posted 09 Jul 2001 [August 2001 Issue]
As organizations tighten ROI standards for e-business, the focus shifts from cost savings to managing customer value for top-line growth.
Posted 08 Jun 2001
Despite difficulties in the market, the outlook for the CRM sector is not entirely bleak. In fact, most analysts remain optimistic about the coming year, which will be characterized by consolidation of the market and solid, though more modest growth.
Posted 31 May 2001
As the online consumer market continues to grow, retailers are discovering that the multiple-channel model is the best way to meet customer demand.
Posted 27 Apr 2001
Weak stock prices and lower valuations may have some shareholders worried, but businesses continue to invest in their customer relationships.
Posted 24 Apr 2001 [May 2001 Issue]
This Q&A with LifeMaster CEO Christobel Selecky was written to accompany the feature story, "Investing the Customer with New Value," in the May 2001 issue of E-Business Strategist magazine.
Posted 10 Apr 2001
The marketplace has proved the necessity of the multi-channel model for retailers who want to be competitive in meeting customer needs.
Posted 22 Feb 2001
Companies are investing heavily in call center technology. To maximize that investment--and to meet higher customer expectations-they must also invest in a smarter, more versatile--and more demanding--breed of call center agent.
Posted 05 Feb 2001
A look at the issues and complexities related to regulating e-commerce.
Posted 03 Jan 2001
As technology evolves and customers' expectations rise, competitive companies invest in a smarter, more versatile--and more demanding--breed of call center agent.
Posted 20 Dec 2000 [January 2001 Issue]
Highly popular online clearinghouse gets into the enterprise act with its own corporate portal, Corporate Yahoo.
Posted 03 Nov 2000
Q&A with Douglas Graham, managing director of electronic commerce for KPMG, about the role of the government in the Internet.
Posted 24 Oct 2000
A look at advancement in business intelligence and how it is improving the customer experience.
Posted 10 Oct 2000
Hampered by regulation and a reputation for poor service, the insurance industry takes back ownership of its customer channels through new CRM initiatives.
Posted 28 Sep 2000 [October 2000 Issue]
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