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There is no better time to amplify the power of your Sales Cloud investment and transform how you do business to maximize your revenue return. To improve your business successfully, you have to track and leverage everything you know about your prospects.
Posted Aug 15, 2016
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Today’s world is faster paced, better connected, and always on! The best way to connect with customers and prospects continues to evolve and requires the use of integrated technologies to ensure success. Customers expect your business to quickly and effectively address their inquiries, questions and concerns through the communication channels they choose.

Whether you are a fast paced sales organization or a skilled service team, it’s time to more effectively track and manage your customer and prospect journey through your Salesforce ecosystem. Are you leveraging your customer and prospect insights to more effectively sell and service their needs? Just think….

What if you could sell more by improving your pickup rates to your hottest leads by 40%?

What if you could service better by personalizing each customer service touch point and improve first call resolution by 20%?

Transform Your Inside Sales Strategy

There is no better time to amplify the power of your Sales Cloud investment and transform how you do business to maximize your revenue return. To improve your business successfully, you have to track and leverage everything you know about your prospects. If you don’t, you risk failure.

In sales and marketing it’s no longer about individual xls lists and “cross your fingers marketing”. As a manager, you can only improve your team’s performance if you can focus their efforts on the hottest leads and identify prospects or campaigns need followup.

You need to track which reps are achieving and exceeding their key performance goals – and why – so you can more effectively enable the broader team.

With a Salesforce integrated communication platform your sales teams are automatically guided through Salesforce to place the best outbound call, so pickup rates increase and every call is tracked and recorded in the contact record – providing everyone with visibility and metrics on every customer/prospect touch. In addition, the insights you know about your prospects in Salesforce become powerful tools to automate how reps can increase connections.

For example, by presenting a local caller ID for outbound calls, multiple NewVoiceMedia customers saw a 40% increase in prospect connections. Salesforce telephony integration improves rep performance and gives management powerful metrics to manage effective revenue growth.

Unify Your Customer Service Engagement

To deliver an efficient and personalize customer service experience that transforms users to brand advocatesrequires that your customer service communication channels integrate seamlessly with your Salesforce ecosystem. Everything you know about your customer, from the product they purchased, to how much they spent and their preferred communication channels can all be tracked and managed through the Service Cloud platform. By seamlessly integrating Salesforce data with a omnichannel contact center platform, you now have the power to prioritize and route customer inquiries effectively to the appropriate agent. In addition, you can automatically provide agents with a case history and realtime knowledge base resources to address customer inquiries successfully. Since everything is integrated into Service Cloud, you now have powerful communication metrics that help monitor and track agent performance to more effectively coach and optimize a service team.

Salesforce provides the power to collect valuable insights about your prospects and customers. When integrated with an omnichannel communication platform it enables a business to maximize every service and sales touch point.

About NewVoiceMedia:
NewVoiceMedia helps you sell more and serve better by revolutionizing the way you engage with your customers through Salesforce. Enable your sales teams to call and connect with more prospects, while ensuring existing customer inquiries are routed to the right agent across every communication channel. Plus realtime metrics, delivered through Salesforce, to drive communication excellence. With a true cloud environment and proven 99.999% platform availability, NewVoiceMedia ensures complete flexibility, scalability and reliability.

For more information, please visit www.newvoicemedia.com or see why companies around the world have ranked NewVoiceMedia the best communication platform integration solution on the Salesforce

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