Salesforce.com Releases Sales Cloud Einstein Updates
The company is bringing together Sales Cloud Einstein, Salesforce Inbox, and Sales Analytics.
Posted Mar 1, 2018
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Salesforce.com today announced an update to Sales Cloud Einstein that brings together Sales Cloud Einstein, Salesforce Inbox, and Sales Analytics under one umbrella, with the goal of delivering more predictions, insights, and productivity gains.

By combining these three solutions, Salesforce aims to make Sales Cloud Einstein a sort of predictive data scientist for sales teams, one that boosts productivity through efficiency and insights. The combined product is available now.

“What we’ve done is really combined all three of these different product lines together to make it easier for sales reps to get more data, to get more automation, and ultimately to get more sales,” says Greg Gsell, VP of Product Marketing for Salesforce CPQ & Billing.

Sales Cloud Einstein prioritizes artificial intelligence (AI) to help sales reps increase their productivity and win rates. It includes features such as Einstein Lead Scoring, which can turn data into critical signals that can identify leads that are most likely to convert, and Einstein Opportunity Scoring, which can proactively identify poorly-performing opportunities so that a sales rep can keep it on track. Additionally, Einstein Opportunity Insights allows reps to address at-risk deals and learn best practices from the most successful ones.

Salesforce Inbox empowers reps to maximize the time they spend selling by using automated data capture, which automatically logs emails to the right records. Built-in email productivity reduces the hassle of scheduling meetings, and reps can view their top email priorities on their phones as well as get visibility into opportunities, leads, accounts, and contacts. “Inbox is an email productivity tool that also brings artificial intelligence into your email,” Gsell says.

Sales Analytics empowers sales teams with built-in analytics. Sales reps can discover pipeline trends and take action immediately, while sales leaders can see how the team is functioning across regions and products and identify top sellers as well as those that may need more coaching. It also includes more than 40 out-of-the-box KPIs that aim to make it easy to analyze deals from lead to close. “[Sales Analytics] gives you a full set of out-of-the-box dashboards that allows sales managers and sales operations and sales reps to really understand what’s going on inside of their organization and really understand their pipeline and how they can hit their numbers,” Gsell says.

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