Qualtrics Enhances Qualtrics Text iQ
The solution aims to help companies uncover trends from unstructured customer data.
Posted Nov 14, 2017
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CX management provider Qualtrics today enhanced its Text iQ offering with functionality that aims to help companies gain insight from unstructured, customer-generated data, regardless of language and sample size. The text analytics engine, which uses artificial intelligence and predictive intelligence, will help "make text actionable, useful, and reliable within an organization," according to Qualtrics product manager Jamie Morningstar.

Qualtrics's Text iQ offering, launched in July, leverages machine learning and natural language processing to perform sentiment analysis of the written feedback companies receive from customers to point to trends and recurring issues revealed through text. According to Morningstar, the solution can now analyze data at any scale and deliver info that can be acted on from a variety of sources such as social media, online reviews, call center notes, surveys, and others.

The solution can help employees in a number of different roles by automatically updating reports and dashboards with real-time insight produced from comments that are relevant to the employee's job description. The product's interface is designed to be easy to use to allow employess at all levels of proficiency to uncover problems before they escalate and become greater issues.

Text iQ is compatible with more than 100 languages and can translate comments from its language of origin into the target language. Its "native-language analysis" capability is supported in English, Spanish, French, and German.

"Our customers normally have one or two key languages that they're prepared to analyze in, but they often receive a long tail of responses in additional languages," Morningstar says. This, she says, is a "convenient" feature that allows clients to incorporate responses in additional languages without much heavy lifting.

Part of the Qualtrics iQ platform, Text iQ can also work in combination with the Driver iQ and Stats iQ components to reduce the time companies spend on manual data-related activities and help them carry out complicated statistical analyses to surface business drivers from their data. Qualtrics Driver iQ analyzes customer experience data to predict what actions will have the greatest impact on the business and to help companies understand the drivers of customer engagement or attrition. Qualtric Stats iQ allows users to uncover meaning in data, find emerging trends, and produce predictive models.

"At all points, our goal has been, and remains, to democratize the ability to gather incredible insights for anyone, no matter their training or level of technical expertise," says Mike Maughan, head of brand growth and global insights at Qualtrics. "We want to make complex problems simple so that anyone can leverage the power of massive amounts of open-text response in a way where they can understand sentiment and the topics people are talking about and figure out trends in an automated way that allows them to give credence to everybody, and all of their comments, no matter their language, geography, et cetera."

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