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You've seen the commercials:

"Gee, mom, these Cap'n Billy's fish sticks are great!"

"That's because they're not Cap'n Billy's fish sticks!"


"No, they're the new, improved Cap'n Billy's fish sticks!"

Makes you wonder who paid an ad agency for that one.

So it's with tongue firmly in cheek that I say: This is the last issue of Sales & Field Force Automation you'll receive. Starting next month, you'll be getting the new, improved, Sales & Marketing Automation magazine. When we started SFFA almost three years ago, corporations were grappling with the challenges of empowering their sales forces with emerging sales automation technology. We were flattered to find that the marketplace eagerly embraced our fledgling magazine, the first publication to focus consistently and exclusively on a sales executive's perspective on thorny issues like sales process vs. technology, front office to back office integration and managing mobile technology.

Sales execs are still grappling with those same problems and more. Now, though, they and their colleagues elsewhere in the corporation are also struggling to build 21st century information systems for field service personnel, apply technology to marketing and transform traditional call centers into the customer interaction centers of the Internet Age-all under the broad heading of Customer Relationship Management.

In response, we've grown from a single magazine to what is now known as the CRM Network of magazines. As part of that growth, starting next month we'll be spinning out a new publication, Field Force Automation. FFA has previously appeared as a supplement to Sales & Field Force Automation. When FFA launches, SFFA will become SMA-Sales & Marketing Automation.

The name change reflects not only the launch of Field Force Automation as a separate magazine, but also an increased emphasis on the growing use of technology in marketing, a discipline that's closely tied to sales.

Matt Purdue, who has been a key member of the SFFA staff almost since the beginning, will be serving as editor of Field Force Automation. We of the SFFA staff want to thank him for his contributions to this magazine and wish him the best in his new position.

We're looking forward to expanding our coverage in the dynamic field of marketing automation, along with some other improvements to (New! Better Tasting! More Nutritious!) Sales & Marketing Automation.

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