Changes, Part II: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
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As I sit here in New York writing this, my first column as the incoming editor of CRM magazine, the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and the threats of biological warfare are fresh in my mind. I imagine they will be for a long time. Life in New York, the United states and around the globe has changed for the worse.

Being a 12-year veteran of the technology journalism business, I've learned the only certainty in life is change. But there is good change, bad change and just plain ugly change. The security and liberties change we are all now living with is of the ugliest nature and forced by the worst mankind has to offer.

But even before this horrific event, the technology industry, and more specifically, the CRM marketplace, were already in the middle of a painful transition. CRM implementations have come under fire during the past year with many customers not satisfied with the technology. Although this might be a difficult time for CRM-related companies, it is a good and necessary transition and part of the growing pains of a new way of doing business for suppliers, service companies and customers. Much like New Yorkers, Washingtonians and Americans, CRM vendors, service companies and their customers are poised to be stronger after this difficult period.

In the midst of all this, CRM magazine is in the throes of change, a changing of the guard, so to speak. As the former editor, Larry Tuck, said so well in last month's column, the magazine has a new editorial staff, and while on the surface, this may appear to be a drastic alteration, I assure you the mission of CRM is the same: to deliver the most comprehensive information on the evolving collaborative enterprise market to our readers, and to always provide you with the hottest trends, new technology and more in-depth analysis you have already grown accustomed to from CRM. That will not change.

The new staff here at CRM magazine share the same mission and would like to thank the previous editorial team for setting the bar so high and for all their help as we transition into our new roles. Please be patient as you get to know the new team, which will be fully on board with the January issue. And please feel free to contact us anytime with your thoughts whether they are good, bad or ugly.

Elliot Markowitz, Editor-In-Chief

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