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United Way of America-headquartered in Alexandria, Va., and made up of 1,400 member United Way organizations-has always been very enterprising when it comes to seeking donations for services like advertising and printing. However, a gift of an enterprise-wide CRM solution from Minneapolis-based Worldtrak was a first. Not only did the software company donate its CRM module, but when the United Way couldn't come up with the resources to put it in service, Worldtrak came back with a donation of implementation services as well.

United Way expects the majority of its 200 staff to begin using the Web-based system in the second quarter of this year. The organization is currently working on interfaces to its financial and association management packages. "Our overall goal is to have all systems talk with one another," says Michael Pinck, United Way database administrator.

When complete, United Way will have a central pool of information that can be accessed and updated through both a browser and Microsoft Outlook. Staff can track member contacts, determine which services were used, navigate through the entire call cycle of an individual or corporate entity, and generate up-to-the-minute reports on fund-raising activities.

Worldtrak CEO Clark Dirks credits United Way's president with having a clear vision of what the project should accomplish. "Betty Beene was really focused on improving customer service and major account management," he says.

The project has been a welcome relief for the organization, which made news last December by terminating a $12 million contract with Cap Gemini America after spending two years developing a system to centrally manage contributions made through payroll deductions-only to have the system fail at a test site. An independent evaluation by Deloitte Consulting concluded that the system couldn't process donations on a national scale.

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