Running With the Big Boys
E.piphany's E.6 positions the company for the next level
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"PeopleSoft is the little guy," boasts Roger Siboni, president and chief executive of E.piphany Inc., based in San Mateo, Calif. A bold statement, perhaps. Nonetheless, E.piphany's name keeps appearing in the top-five spots in "best of" reports from research firms such as GartnerGroup and Meta Group. Moreover, analysts are warming up to E.piphany's strong stance on Java and continued enhancements in analytics, especially in its most recent CRM product suite upgrade, E.piphany E.6 "I'm pretty positive overall about the E.piphany E.6 release," says Steve Bonadio, senior program director at MetaGroup. "While E.piphany hasn't executed flawlessly--it still has its work cut out for itself due to some functional gaps in its suite--the company is in the process of deploying all platforms from previous acquisitions onto a Java-based platform. They'll all have a common infrastructure. That's a big step." The common infrastructure helps to alleviate some of the perils of CRM integrations, especially in heterogeneous environments. "It's naïve to think you're going to holistically solve the customer integration problem with one application," Siboni says. "You're going to have to have some sort of infrastructure around Java that allows you to talk to other applications. We are branding E.6 around smart CRM. It's the first CRM suite that will have three to four sales, service, and marketing technologies that can be sold independently. It becomes important because a lot of people are looking to modernize their CRM structure. To do that you have to rip out what you have and go to a legacy CRM player or you can do it modularly. People are more inclined to modularize than take the big dunk," he says. The upgrades attempt to provide a single view of the customer based on analytics. The slew of upgrades, or what E.piphany executives call smart CRM applications, include such benefits as offering optimization capabilities for marketing professionals to accurately target valuable marketing opportunities. Additionally, sales professionals can take advantage of increased cross-sell and upsell opportunities generated on the fly with the use of integrated intelligence throughout the sales process, as well as stronger links to E.piphany Marketing for lead scoring capabilities. One of the service upgrades includes real-time customer routing capabilities to provide various service levels based on customer relationships. Although smaller in size than the likes of PeopleSoft, E.piphany is making large strides in analytics. "We rate E.piphany best-in-class in terms of analytics," MetaGroup's Bonadio says.
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