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Bill Yavorsky is looking toward the future.
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As vice president of sales and marketing for the recently formed InFocus—created in June from the merger of multimedia technology companies InFocus and Proxima ASA—Bill Yavorsky has many strategies and ventures in mind for the data video market.

"We will continue to leverage our core markets, but we see the opportunity in emerging markets- -digital communication, home entertainment systems and remote meetings technologies," Yavorsky says. The merger will allow the new company to achieve its goals by combining the two companies' remote and digital resources, instead of designing duplicate products, he says.

Why are Yavorsky and his new associates so confident? The Data Video Front Projection category this year grew from 800,000 units to 1.1 million units sold worldwide, a 26-percent growth in revenue, according to Yavorsky. "It's a $5.5-billion-
dollar industry, and we're clearly in that growth path."

Arthur Andersen, a global accounting firm, also determined the benefits of this growing market, having recently conducted a survey about digital content in the New Economy. The survey of executives from publishing, entertainment and new media companies revealed that successful players in the content creation and distribution sector employ media asset management- -a series of processes and technologies that potentially digitize, catalog, multipurpose and deliver content.

The survey found that in North America, only 22 percent of first-tier companies are pleased with their current technologies, showing that companies are in need of improving their media assets.

"With the advent of e-business, digitization of all kinds of assets is required for conducting business," says Arthur Andersen partner Mark Kindy, in an AA report. "We believe that the most successful companies will be those that understand the economic drivers of e-business and use digital tools, like media asset management, to develop new revenue streams and to reinvent the way they work."

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