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With e-mail quickly becoming a primary sales and marketing tool, e-mail addresses are now a priceless commodity. Unfortunately, a lot of customer leads in legacy databases do not include e-mail addresses, which renders these leads useless for many sales and marketing campaigns.

But there is now hope for resuscitating these lost opportunities. EContacts.com now offers a service called EContacts-Find, which locates missing e-mail addresses. How? EContacts-Find employs proprietary Internet technology and sophisticated matching algorithms to seek out company domain names. It searches for relevant address patterns to select the most statistically likely address, then sends a variety of test e-mail messages to confirm that those addresses are correct.

"Our success rate ranges from 20 to 40 percent of missing e-mail addresses," says EContacts.com President George Reynolds. "Imagine the impact to a company's bottom line when we find 20,000 to 40,000 of their customers' e-mail addresses."

To avoid harassing potential customers with unsolicited e-mail, EContacts.com requires that its clients confirm in writing that their databases contain only customer names and names of contacts who have requested information from the company within the last six months.

Pricing is entirely results-based, regardless of the size of the database and, according to EContacts.com, clients pay less than the cost of a single direct mail piece for each verified e-mail address obtained. The typical completion time is two to three weeks.

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